Yokkao 7 Full Fight Card

Muay Thai Combat Mania #YOKKAO7

The Yokkao 5 and Yokkao 6 cards were solid fight cards that have built up the hype around Yokkao 7 which takes place on Wednesday, February 19th and Pattaya World Boxing Stadium.

yokkao 7 full fight card muay thai combat mania

Mrs. Stefania Picelli does an amazing job putting on great promotions with top talent on nearly every single Yokkao fight card… and Yokkao 7 is no different. With the main event being between Saenchai PK MuayThaiGym and Victor Nagbe from Australia, the night is bound to end with a bang!

Besides the main event, there are a handful of other fights that I’m really looking forward too, including one of my recent interviewees, Sylvie Von-Duuglas Ittu.

Check out the fight card below and stay tuned in on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram via the hashtag #Yokkao7.

Yokkao 7 Full Fight Card

Saenchai Muay Thai Gym vs Victor Nagbe (65kg)

Suedam Kuanjai vs Naimjon Tuhktoboev (67kg)

Apidej Sitsongpeenong vs Samuel Andoche (72,5 kg)

Ekapop Sor Klinmee vs Geoffrey Riviere (78kg kg)

Imwiset Pornnarai vs Umar Semata (67kg)

Lommanee Sor Hirun vs Sylvie Von Duuglas-ittu (48kg)

Silapeth Sor Suradet 61kg vs Teerawa Sor Surat (61kg)

Gery Bavetta vs Runmai Mo Tammachat (54kg)

Kom Kop Pechthroungrang vs Kamen Picken (67kg)

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