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Yokkao 5 Results: Muay Thai Combat Mania Pattaya

Fight Results: Yokkao 5, Muay Thai Madness in Pattaya

yokkao 5 muay thai combat mania pattaya

Quick Fight Results:

Saenchai MuayThaiGym won by points vs Singdam Kiatmoo9
Sinsamut Sor Klinmee won by points Kom Kop Pechthroungrang
Andrea Masini lost by KO ( 2nd round ) Crice Boussoukou
Ekapop Sor Klinmee won by KO ( 1st round ) vs Samuel Andoche
Iwmiset Pornnarai won by points vs Suedam Kauanjai
Namphon PK Muay Thai Gym won by points vs Geofrey Rivière
Silvia La Notte lost by points Lommanee Sor Hirun
Emmanuel Ulrich lost by points vs Florent Kaouachi
Vichanlek Sitpholek won by points vs Loecklong Fhonchaanchonburi

Yokkao 5 Fight Night Breakdown

Madness in Pattaya at Muay Thai Combat Mania Yokkao 5! The fifth event by Yokkao sold out and broke the attendance record in the history Pattaya World Boxing Stadium.

The evening began with the victories by Vichanlek Sitpholek over Loecklong Fhonchaanchonburi and Florent Kaouachi over Emmanuel Ulrich.

yokkao 5 ladiesFrom across the Yokkao Fight Team, the first in Silvia La Notte vs Lommanee Sor Hirun: a spectacular match that redefined this “farang” vs Thai match to the Thai public as one of the best of the evening after that of Saenchai and Ekapop.

Silvia La Notte fought against one of the strongest Thai women fighters of the moment with a determination worth noting. The style of Silvia with constant shifts in the ring definitely displaced the opponent along with the Thai referee leading to direct confrontation displacing Silvia.

Lomanee at the right moment lead with a miiddle power kick (see above photo), the expression of Silvia in the ring was between disbelief and joy, as if she was glad to have found such a strong opponent. At fights end Lomanee Sor Hirun secured victory by stacking points throughout the fight.

Namphon PK MuayThaiGym makes his debut at 81kg against Geoffrey Rivière opening him with a text book elbow. The match went on uninterrupted with Namphon winning by points.

Iwmiset Pornnarai stood opposite Suedam Kauanjai, in a crazy fight. A fiery match bringing Pornnarai out as victor by points.

Ekapop Sor Klinmee entry to Muay Thai Combat Mania sent the people of Pattaya into a frenzy, facing the man who wore his black mask into the ring, Samuel Andoche. The two fighters didn’t waste time and started in full power, a hook by Ekapop sent Samuel down for the count with a KO in the first round.

saenchai cartwheel kickAndrea Masini vs Crice Boussoukou: Crice pitted hard against the determination of Andrea in the first round. In the second, with a low guard, Andrea took a high kick to the face and was KO’d. Moments of tension in the ring when Mauro Tancredi, Christian Red Valli and Filippo Cinti entered the ring in aid of Andrea, everything worked out for the best. Crice Boussoukou won by KO in the second round.

It is time for Sinsamut Sor Klinmee, the brother of Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee who fought against Kom Kop Pechthroungrang, favoured on paper. Kom Kop came up on strings and ended up in the walkway another instant bouncing off the ring like a spring: between the two it was total war with betting going up to the stars. Sinsamut Sor Klinmee in the end won by points.

To conclude the evening the entrance in the red corner by Saenchai MuayThaiGym sponsored by Yokkao , the undisputed pound for pound King of Muay Thai. In the blue corner, direct from the north of Thailand, Singdam Kiatmooo9 with 264 wins (the same as Saenchai).

yokkao 5 saenchai dodgeFor the first time in Pattaya, the Boxing Stadium seemed similar to the energy of Lumpinee: public standing around the ring with bets going for the Thai and farang who admired both with jaws hanging as Saenchai and Singdam firing punches and kicks at one another in the ring.

Saenchai rolled into action pressuring his opponent, both pushed with many high kicks in attempts to win the KO bonus, Saenchai managed to put his signature bicycle kick with the audience going wild. With superiority demonstrated throughout the three rounds, the warrant for victory went to Saenchai, stay tuned for a short interview in the upcoming episode of Muay Thai Combat TV.

Due to compliments or as they say “hats off ” to Stefania Picelli for proving the impossible and moving a major event in one week from one continent to another.. from Ile de Réunion (near Madagascar) to Pattaya, added to the respect and success of this epic event.

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