Yodteera Sityodtong: My Life as a Fighter

The Fearless One Who Fights Anyone, Anywhere

yodteera3The story of Yodteera Sityodtong starts out different than most. In the beginning, Yodteera had a comfortable life. His parents worked, he went to school, and when he came home, he’d play video games. He was never bossed around and lived a rather comfortable life.

However, this all came crashing down when his parents’s shops started closing down. Their financial situation dipped low enough that Yodteera had to be taken out of school. Due to his freedom, Yodteera got into quite a bit of trouble. Eventually, his uncle decided that Yodteera ought to channel all his youthful energies into something productive: Muay Thai.

Yodteera was taken to the fights. He started out uninterested, but when he saw a David vs Goliath battle brewing in the ring, he found himself packing his bags for the legendary Sityodtong that very night.

As luck would have it, the ‘David’ was in that fight also trained out of Sityodtong. His name was Lakhai, and he was among the plethora of talent at Sityodtong. The environment of Sityodtong was very much like his environment at home and school. He had friends who played pranks on him and others who acted like brothers and took care of him, and, of course, he had the legendary Yodtong Senanan overseeing their training.yodteera5

Senanan taught them exactly what Yodteera witnessed in the David vs Goliath fight that inspired him to pursue Muay Thai: skill beats size. Senanan’s philosophy was to fight smart, and that mind beat muscle every day of the week.

This philosophy was carved deep into the mind of Yodteera. In fact, this philosophy went so far as to shape almost every aspect of Yodteera’s life. Yodteera learning that being a great fighter wasn’t enough. He learned, ultimately, that doing good outside the ring is more important. Now, Yodteera finds himself doing good by passing on the philosophy of Yodtong Senanan as an instructor at Evolve MMA in Singapore, but not just any instructor…Yodteera received his certification from none other than Yodtong Senanan himself.

Find out more about the story of one of the greatest living Muay Thai Krus

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