Yodsanan Sityodtong: My Life as a Fighter

The Underdog Story of Little Tyson

Contrary to what you may think, talent is not always what separates the average from the champions. What separates the champions from the average is belief and hard work. It’s a truism, yes.

But truisms are truisms because they’re true. The story of many world champions begins not with talent gifted from the heavens but with an anchor pinning us to the ground, trapping us in “reality.” Yodsanan Sityodtong began training in Muay Thai much later in his life than most. In Thailand, it isn’t uncommon to find six or seven-year-olds training or even fighting. Yodsanan, however, began training a decade behind any seven-year-old. This would be the age most would spend in school, getting ready for university. However, Yodsanan’s family did not have

This would be the age most would spend in school, getting ready for university. However, Yodsanan’s family did not have enough money to get him through university, so his only choices were in the gym.

But having to catch up on a decade’s worth of hard work seems impossible to most, and it certainly did to some of Yodsanan’s peers. He was told time and time again that he wouldn’t become a world champion. However, the legendary Senanan Yodtong was in Yodsanan’s corner for both life and fight. Senanan would become a father figure to Yodsanan, and would go on to see this Muay Thai and Boxing son become a WBA Boxing champion for three straight years.

It was Senanan’s belief that fueled Yodsanan’s hard work, and the two combined meant a championship title. The story of Yodsanan’s life and the underdog stories of many other Muay Thai and boxing champions should be proof that our views of success are distorted. You’re just hard working until you’re successful, then when you’re successful, you’re just “talented.”

Yodsanan’s life and success was shaped through his belief and hard work. When the world tried to push him down, he pushed back. He became a world champion. And now he is making world champions. Yodsanan is an instructor at Evolve MMA and is certified in both boxing and Muay Thai by the master teacher Kru Yodtong.

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