WIRACHAI’S Effortless Lead Uppercut KO

Analysis of Wirachai’s Uppercut KO

The lead uppercut is one of the underutilized gems of southpaw fighting. The lead hand in a southpaw vs orthodox match up is often overlooked. Many use the lead hand simply for hand fighting and to gain lead foot dominance. However, the lead uppercut is gaining steam…or regaining, I should say.

Prince Naseem Hamed used the lead uppercut to great effect in his day. Now, Benson Henderson and Conor Mcgregor both use the lead uppercut to quickly invade their opponent’s range with a bursting combination. In the fight below, Wirachai does not dart forward as Mcgregor or Henderson do. However, the basic principle of using the lead uppercut to invade an opponent’s range is still there.

To see the technique in its full glory, check out the video below:

FIGHT BREAKDOWN: Explosive Muay Thai Uppercut KO!

When fighting in the open guard, the lead uppercut is a fantastic way to move into your opponent’s range undetected and gain lead foot dominance. But we have more. This technique will put you within reach of your opponent while keeping you out of your opponent’s reach. It is the epitome of “hit and don’t get hit.”

Furthermore, this technique sets up your roundhouse perfectly. You are able to achieve lead foot dominance using your jab as a distraction; therefore, you obtain the outside angle without putting yourself in any danger. And you, of course, get to land a brutal roundhouse kick on your opponent. But enough talk. Let’s look at the details:

Southpaw Tactics: Jab, Roundhouse Setup and Technique

Prince Naseem used the lead uppercut (aka the corkscrew uppercut) to great success. But how was it so successful? Why did it work? Why is it so difficult to counter?

If you want to recreate the success of Prince Naseem, of Benson Henderson, of Conor Mcgregor, it’s time to listen up. Class with Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns is in session:

Prince Naseem: The Southpaw Blitz Corkscrew Into Cross

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