Why Traveling is Crucial To Your Training (and Life)

The Muay Thai Guys Podcast – Episode 47

muay thai retreat flying knee sunsetTraveling is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.

Throughout my life there have been two major things that have made me take a deeper look into myself – one is fighting, the other is traveling.

In this week’s episode of The Muay Thai Guys podcast, Paul and I discuss how travel has played a crucial role in not only advancing our fight careers but also shaping who we are as individuals. We cover three main topics throughout the podcast:

3 Reasons To Travel Immediately

1. Perspective and Understanding

A majority of people often live (and stay) in a “box” where they seem like the big dog – or in other words, a big fish in a small pond. When you travel, you get thrown into the deep-end of life and have to do some real soul searching whether you like it or not.

Travel gives you perspective and understanding. It is often a very humbling experience that shows you where you truly stand in this world. Traveling will teaches the idea that social status does not equal happiness or success. 

2. Memories

The memories that travel creates will stay etched in your brain for a lifetime.

Once we experience something positive it creates an emotional connection with a place, with travel. This in turn creates a need to feel that again, and it’s how people becoming “addicted” to traveling. We begin to make things happen once we see what is possible – we want to recreate these memories, to feel what we felt when we were away.

3. Fulfillment and Exorcism of Regret

Laying on our death bed we will regret not the things we did, but the things we did NOT do.

Seeing the world is something that many say they “wish” they haven’t done.

If you are single, use that to your advantage and do anything (and everything) you want to do. If you are in a relationship without kids – create beautiful memories that remained etched into your head – it’ll create a stronger bond to hold on to. If you have a family show your kids that the world is not limited to their neighborhood and take them out of their comfort zone so they truly start to grow.

A sense of fulfillment comes from travel, it’s almost as if you want to show others the things you have been blessed to see and experience yourself.

We cover these 3 topics more in-depth and touch on a number of others in this weeks podcast. Take a listen:

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