TMTG 003: Weight Cutting Tips and Methods

The Muay Thai Guys Podcast – Episode 3

1517859_10152323880740703_81811479552012551_o-1024x678Weight cutting SUCKS and is basically the closest thing to torturing yourself you can do. Unfortunately, it’s a part of the sport that all competitors have to deal with at one point or another, so learning how to do it the proper way is crucial not only for success in the ring, but also your long term (and short term) health.

In the 3rd episode of The Muay Thai Guys Podcast, Paul Banasiak and I discuss our thoughts, tips and methods when it comes to cutting weight leading up to a fight. Topics range from:

  • How much weight should someone cut?
  • How far in advance should the dieting/weight cutting phase start?
  • The importance of a strong mindset when cutting weight.
  • The water cutting methods that we like to use to lose the excess water weight.
  • Our favorite meals and weight cutting foods to munch on.
  • What liquids and foods we rehydrate with once we step off the scale.
  • Plus much, MUCH more.

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