warriors of the mongkon season 2 video

Warriors Of The Mongkon

Why Haven’t You Watched This EPIC Muay Thai Video Series Yet?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Warriors Of The Mongkon is the best muay thai documentary series made to date. Yes, I’m well aware of other muay thai videos and documentaries, but few compare to the quality that Owen Rennie and his team bring to producing this epic muay thai video series.

Each and every episode provides an invaluable amount of insight on the life and training of nak muays from all around the world. Getting a behind the scenes look of these warriors daily lives really makes you appreciate the dedication, discipline and hard work that each fighter puts into their art. I get goosebumps in nearly every episode, but this speech given by Kym Johnson’s trainer is still echoing in my head:

If you’re a fighter, I know that you can relate to every single word that is spoken during that video. Even if you’re not a fighter, I bet that you got chills running down your spine thinking about what it must be like getting prepared in the locker room before a fight… it’s exhilarating.

If you’re still not convinced that Warriors Of The Mongkon is legit, check out episode 1 of this muay thai documentary video series and then tell me what you think. If after episode 1 you are itching for more, make sure to check out their store where you can purchase WOTM DVD’s and support the art!But wait, there’s more. Warriors Of The Mongkon is very, very close to being funded for a second season. It promises to be just as good, if not better than season 1 (which I can’t even imagine). Take a look at the preview for the possible season 2:

Needless to say, the second season looks unbelievable, but without funding it’s unlikely to happen. If you call yourself a fan of Muay Thai, show your support and either donate to help fund this awesome project or share this page to your training partners by using the share buttons below. Depending on how much you donate you will receive a gift too, so it’s not like you’re leaving empty handed!

I donated $40 today and I’m broke as a shit, so if I can do it, so can you!

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