VIOLENT Glory Across 3 Fights

Breakdown & Highlights Of 3 Artfully Violent Fights

Credit: Lion Fight

Waiting for kickboxing or Muay Thai events is a bit like watching paint dry, especially since promotions like GLORY are still somewhat budding.

Highlights and coverage usually don’t appear until we get a bit closer to fight week. Until then, fans of the stand-up game are left waiting in the wings. We usually have to look elsewhere to keep our appetites for carnage whetted.

Fret not, fellow striking enthusiasts!

Here are my picks for exciting kickboxing and/or Muay Thai fights that should scratch that carnal itch for frenzied mayhem:

GLORY 13 Tokyo

Nieky Holzken vs. Joseph Valtellini


The highlight of GLORY 13 was the welterweight world championship tournament featuring four semi finalists consisting of Holzken, Karapetyan, Valtellini, and Daniels.

Nieky fought Karapet to three rounds and won via unanimous decision, while Joseph fought and knocked out Raymond in his fight during the third round.

If you are a fan of Dutch-style kickboxing or combination fighting in general, this fight will definitely get some cylinders going. The battle between Holzken and Valtellini was an amazing display of technical brawling, aggression, and tremendous willpower. Valtellini and Holzken threw high output combinations from round 1-3, peppering each other with shots that varied high or low with the slightest opening costing either man (as seen in the final round).


Holzken and Valtellini showing one another the shiny color of their gloves. Click for the full fight.


Valtellini starts fire with a blazing 9-hit combo. Holzken douses the momentum with a cold and calculated left hook. Click for the full fight.


Lion Fight 20

Jorina Baars vs. Cris Cyborg

Credit: Lion Fight

In the women’s division, Cyborg’s striking was something fierce (we’re talking 18-1-(1), 16 by the way of TKO/KO fierce).

Jorina Baars was an undefeated Muay Thai fighter that had won the Amazon of K-1 Grand Prix Final, winning three fights in one night. While she did not possess the same destructive force of Cyborg, Baars was a more measured fighter. It is no coincidence Baars’ high volume, experience and variety of strikes kept her from ever tasting defeat .

Most viewers thought Cyborg would win via death, but Jorina refused to crumble under Cyborg’s relentless pressure and power like many others have.


Cyborg trying to put Baars away with her signature move, “punches in bunches.” Click for the full fight.

Baars‘ knee tests to see if Cyborg is truly human. Unfortunately, she is not. Click for the full fight.

K-1 World Max 2010

Mike Zambidis vs. Chahid Oulad El Hadj 

Credit: YouTube

Zambidis puts so much force behind his strikes, he himself could probably power your home with the kinetic energy from his punches. Even when he misses, Michael Schiavello says, “If you could knock out air, Zambidis would have knocked out the entire arena!”

Still relatively unknown, nobody would have ever guessed El Hadj would have helped put on a show that would leave everyone’s mouth agape for four rounds.

From the opening to the bell, the fight was an absolute barn burner. It was clear from the get-go that this fight was not heading to a decision.


Zambo launches an overhand right from hell that puts El Hadj on ice skates. Click for the full fight.


El Hadj throws a left hook that has Zambo briefly searching for a penny on the canvas. Click for the full fight.


Final Thoughts

With Bellator Kickboxing 7 and GLORY 45 right around the corner, these fights should have you amped for the coming storm of brilliant kickboxing and Muay Thai violence.

If I have missed any amazing fights or you feel like let down by these picks, feel free to let me know in the comments!


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