Victory Combat Sports – April 25th @ The 69th Regiment Armory, NYC

Why You Need To Watch The Next Victory MMA Card

ground and pound victory mma combat sports Most of you know that I’m in Thailand right now, but man, I wish I was back in NY on April 25th to watch another sick night of Victory MMA fights!

I know what you’re thinking,

“This is a Muay Thai site, what’s the deal with promoting MMA?”

That’s a legitimate question, so let me give you 5 reasons why you should pay attention to Victory Combat Sports: 

5 Reasons To Watch Victory MMA Fights

1. It’s run by Muay Thai guys who know their shit. A majority of the head honchos at Victory Combat Sports know their stuff because they’ve been involved with top NY Muay Thai promotions like Take On Productions. I’ve fought on Take On and can personally say that fighting for them has been an awesome experience in and out of the ring. O yea, they also know how to make the atmosphere electric and get quality match-ups for the fighters.

2. Victory Combat Sports puts on sick shows! I went to the first ever Victory MMA card that was held in NY and it was EPIC! There were some brutal KO’s, quality stand-up striking, technical ground work, and an atmosphere that brings out the best in the fighters… and that was only the first show!

3. If you’re a fan of one martial art, you can appreciate them all. Yea, I might be guilty of making fun of wrestlers for wearing tight unitards and jiu jitsu guys for training in pajamas, but that’s just my way of showing them some love! Seriously though, it takes incredible skill and persistence to learn a grappling art like BJJ or Greco-Roman wrestling and watching quality grapplers go at it can be fun to watch too.

But I want to punch someone with tiny gloves...

But I want to punch someone with tiny gloves…

4. The fighters are hungry. Since professional MMA is still illegal in NY, there are plenty of up and coming talent in the amateur rankings that are starving for a chance to get into a cage in front of their home crowd. With this eagerness to fight, you can bet your ass they leave it all in the cage on fight night!

5. MMA NEEDS to become legal in NY! How or why MMA hasn’t become legal yet in NY is beyond me. All I know is that NY is one of the most liberal states but also happen to be the last state to legalize MMA… what is with that? Fortunately, companies like Victory Combat Sports are still able to put on quality shows in NY because they are all amateur fights hungry to make a name for themselves.

Bonus Reason #6 –  I know a handful of the fighters on the show through the Muay Thai fight scene, which almost guarantees that there will be some hard exchanges with tiny MMA gloves… which sounds f’in awesome!

If you’re a fan of martial arts, whether it’s Muay Thai or MMA, make sure you keep an eye out for the Victory Combat Sports promotion. Even though the promotion is new to the scene, don’t let that fool you in thinking that the shows won’t be produced well. I can speak from first hand experience and say that the Victory show I attended was not only full of exciting fights, but they know how to make it an ultimate fan experience too (and like I said, it was only their FIRST show!)

Support the growth of combat sports and click here to check out their fight card dates and ticket information. Be sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to see what big things they are doing in the MMA world. Also if you want a chance to fight MMA on this growing promotion, make sure to contact them about the possibility of fighting!

 Don’t miss their next show April 25th at the 69th Regiment Armory in NYC!

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