Update: Content Delay

Content Delay

Sometimes poor timing is poor timing.

Unfortunately, Sean Fagan, our very own Muay Thai Guy, had his laptop malfunction suddenly. He also has his fight coming up in a number of weeks (he fights on his birthday, 9/11), so his hands are tied; therefore,  no new content will be appearing in the upcoming weeks.

More updates will come as time and options free up. If you have any inquiries, you may email Sean at [email protected] Bare in mind that due to his limited computer access, a response may take up to 3-7 days.

It sucks that we won’t be able to provide any content for you in the upcoming weeks, so we would like to invite you, in the meantime, to check out Sean’s favorite websites and pages, which he feels are more than ample to clench your Muay Thai thirst:

  • Nak Muay Nation – If you’re looking for the biggest library of Muay Thai technique, athletes, and instructors, look no further. It’s got as passionate and friendly community as can be, a community who’s just as invested in their own personal growth as they are you. The community is filled with students and instructors from all walks of life. Plus, if you want to find an answer to any burning technical, tactical, or strategic questions and can’t find it in the courses (which seems unlikely), you can drop it in the forum where it will be answered by a fellow Nak Muay or by an instructor. If you need it, it’s either there or will be there.
  • Lawrence Kenshin – There’s nothing quite so good as analysis. Analysis is the tool that provides direction to your hard work. Ever wonder how to fight against a certain style? That plea is answered by Lawrence Kenshin. Ever wonder how to get an edge on your opponent by a simple change in your stance? Well, that might be a little specific…but your conundrum is solved by Lawrence Kenshin.
  • Muay Thai Athlete – If you want a man who is as much fighter as he is philosopher, Muay Thai Athlete is your man. The world of Muay Thai can be a tad hectic. The world of fighting is often misunderstood. However, Muay Thai Athlete’s personality is a perfect blend of brains and brawns. Add that philosophical flair to spice up your view of the world with the above Lawrence Kenshin analytics and you’ll get something very special. You’ll get a stronger and smarter you.
  • Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu – Sylvie lives in the heart of Muay Thai…Thailand. If you want to be ahead in the tech bubble, you go to Silicon Valley. If you want to be ahead in Muay Thai…you live in Thailand. Wait. What’s that? You can’t fly half-way across the world and settle down in Thailand permanently? No matter. That’s why there’s Sylvie. She is one of the guest instructors on Nak Muay Nation, and you damn better believe that she’s at the forefront of Muay Thai. If you want the latest and greatest on the Art of Eight Limbs, she’s your woman.
  • Under the Ropes –  Emma Thomas is another who has lived in Thailand for an extensive period. Aside from being, like Sylvie, at the forefront of Muay Thai by being in its heart, she’s got plenty of blog posts about living in Thailand and how to make a living in Thailand. The only thing better than getting content straight from Thailand is getting content that’ll send you straight to Thailand.
  • MMA Shredded – We all know what MMA is. We’ve seen it on TV. It’s rather messy, but those fellas do look like they’re in damned good shape, no? If you’re one who is interested a fan of MMA wholy on a recreational basis or even a fan who just watches, you’ll want to check out MMA Shredded. The goal is to get you shredded by working out as a fighter. To build you into a strong and functional athlete through the use of functional movements. It’ll add to your appreciation of MMA as a sport and subtract your fat to reveal those six-packs under your tummy. But why focus on something so superficial? Don’t they say that it’s what’s inside you that matters…It is. Listen to “they”…your abs are inside of your body…and they matter.



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