Unique Southpaw Head Kick Setup

Use This Unique Setup to Land Head Kicks

Head-body-head is the oldest trick in the book, which means its one of the best because if a trick isn’t good, it’s dead; therefore, only good tricks grow old.

There is another trick that has stood the test of time. Actually, it’s better described as a principle, one used by the great Peter Aerts to land head kick after head kick. Peter Aerts is the most effective head kick knockout artist the world has ever seen (13 high kick finishes, by my count), and the one simple trick he uses is the art of off-balancing.

If you push your opponent, they’ll lose their balance; if they lose their balance, they’ll drop their hands to regain balance; and when they drop their hands, the head kick lands.

Combine head-body-head with off-balancing techniques (pushes, pulls, leg kicks, etc.) and you get a simple recipe for unpredictability and a head kick KO.

In the below video, you will get a unique head kick technique that will be sweet for you and more than sour for your opponent:

Unique Southpaw Head Kick Setup

Unpredictability isn’t just about head-body-head or mixing up low and high. Another layer of unpredictability is the dominant angle. The dominant angle is a way to momentarily blind your opponent to one (or more, if you’re lucky) of your strikes.

However, the dominant angle is common knowledge, which makes it difficult to secure. And that is precisely why we need more tricks to get there:

Southpaw Bodyshot Combination

Saenchai is the master of all things southpaw. His use of angles and insane athleticism are beyond anyone else who is fighting today. However, like Peter Aerts, you don’t need his talents to reproduce his techniques and tactics with success. You just need to know his method.

And to outline his method is Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown:

Moments of Brilliance: Saenchai’s Taking Dominant Angles

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