TROPICAL Muay Thai Retreat

Training & Surfing At Sean’s Muay Thai Retreat

What do you think of when you read “paradise“?

For many, it’s the image of chilling on a beach with a sunset on the horizon — drink in hand, food in belly, and best friends all around. Well, I’ve got news for you.

Muay Thai Retreat is paradise. But it’s more than that: it’s an experience, a detox, a training vacation, and so on.

You will be based in Jungle Edge’s resort and will have complete access to beautiful beaches and waterfalls. You will hike, you will surf, and you will train Muay Thai. Doesn’t that sound like paradise?

Listen to one of the retreaters, Jennifer Nicholson, tell you about her experience:

As Jen mentioned, you are under the watchful eye of one Sean Fagan.

Yes, the Muay Thai Guy himself will be watching over your training. His mission is not simply to take you through the motions, but to help perfect your technique.

Your technique, no matter your skill level, will improve during this Muay Thai Retreat.

Like surfing? Yes, you will get to surf. It’s Costa Rica after all! Don’t know how to surf? That’s no problem. An instructor will teach you how to surf. In a single day, you could be drilling in the outdoors and surfing on the beach.

How about yoga? We’ll do some of that, too. Yoga is a perfect balance to Muay Thai. It restores your worked muscles, improves your mobility, and brings the fucking zen.

I’ve not even mentioned the food, but I’ll refrain from spoiling anymore of this one-in-a-lifetime trip.

Experience heaven on earth. We call it Muay Thai Retreat.


Take the vacation of your dreams. For upcoming dates of Muay Thai Retreats, go to

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