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What Makes Nak Muay Nation Camps Stand Out

What’s up, everyone?! Sean “Muay Thai Guy” Fagan here! As you guys know, Nak Muay Nation has been running a lot of incredible camps lately, and I keep getting the same question again and again:

“What makes a Nak Muay Nation camp different than going to any other gym in Thailand?”

At Nak Muay Nation, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail. No stone was left unturned when we were searching for the key components to build this highly specialized program. What we’ve put together is a training camp unlike any other. Committing to a NMN camp leaves you looking forward to:

#1. Quality Training With A Structured, Progressive Program

Any quality gym in Thailand will do for working out and learning the basics. But does that mean you’ll get the best training?

NMN training camps are hosted at the top gyms for this type of high-quality, specialized training. Not only do the trainers at both Khongsittha and Diamond have hundreds of fights and multiple Thailand champions between them, but they are also very experienced in teaching foreigners. This is a key component that many forget about!

We also take the time to structure a complete four-week training program that each team member follows in his or her time spent here (four or two -week programs). We maximize the amount of time you spend learning, readying and sharpening your skills.

This progressive program involves the traditional training methods (shadow, heavy bag, pad work, etc.) but also adds diversity with strength and conditioning sessions, technique-focused sessions, partner sparring drills, and more.

Here’s a look at what a regular training session looks like:

>>> A Day of Training At Khongsittha Muay Thai: Next camp January 15th – February 26th

>>> A Day of Training at Diamond Muay Thai: Next camp April 1st – 29th


#2. Professional Fighter Hosts

Chris Mauceri (above) and Sean Fagan are your hosts.

At most camps, you would sign up, travel to the gym, and then immediately, without preamble or setup, jump into some form of training.

Not so at a Nak Muay Nation camp! To ease your transition and ensure optimal training, you are welcomed by the host fighter who will help get you situated and organized when you arrive. The main job of the host is to make sure you are having an amazing time in and out of training.

When it comes to the training, they’ll lead light technical sessions for about 15-30 minutes every day to share some of their favorite techniques and tactics. They’ll also be there every day to encourage and motivate you and all the other campers to push your own training limits.

… to be honest though, it’s usually the campers who motivate the hosts!

The two hosts for the upcoming camps are Chris Mauceri for the Khongsittha camp and myself, Sean Fagan, for the April camp at Diamond Muay Thai.

Chris is an amateur champion and professional fighter. He has fought for K-1, GLORY and Lion Fight. He also hosted a recent camp at Khongsittha so he will be able to show you the local spots to rest, recover and eat some delicious Thai food.

Make sure to check out his Facebook page to see this beast in action!

As for me, I’m also an amateur champion and pro fighter who has been to Koh Phangan five times now to train at Diamond Muay Thai. I’ll be able to show you all the beautiful spots on the island and make sure you have the time of your life while you are there.

#3. All-Inclusive Pricing

Instead of paying just for accommodation and training, we offer a package with a ton of other fun activities and discounts to make your trip that much simpler to figure out.

The package differs slightly between both camps (since they are in different locations) so you can check them out here: Khongsittha Camp Pricing Diamond Camp Pricing

#4. Team Outings & Entertainment

Don’t get me wrong, training is super important, but so is enjoying the unique culture and beautiful landscape concentrated in this very special country.

It’s not every day you get to experience a fascinating new country like Thailand, so at a Nak Muay Nation training camp we make sure to show you as much of it as possible during your stay. This includes guided tours, team nights out to watch fights, trips to some of the best food spots, and much more.

>>> Click here for a list of activities at the Khongsittha camp

>>> Click here for a list of activities at the Diamond camp

#5. Forging Bonds In Combat

Arguably the biggest difference between Nak Muay Nation training camps and other camps is the inspiring team atmosphere that is created.

Unlike other camps, all of the campers arrive on the same date. Everyone comes together for the first time on the same day, uncomplicating planning and getting everyone on the same page right from the get-go.  It’s a great time to get to know each other while chowing down on some tasty Thai food!

But instead of telling you about how beneficial and amazing the team environment is at one of these camps, let me show you.


Experience Muay Thai In Paradise

Trust me when I say that you’ll never experience something like this sitting in your living room! A Nak Muay Nation training camp will be the most intense and meaningful chapter in your Muay Thai journey.

Take the plunge today. Click this link or the image below for more info and applications. See you there, my nak muay brothers and sisters!


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