Toronto Muay Thai Vlog #4 & #5 – Training with Bazooka Joe Valtellini and Teaching at Lin’s Martial Arts

Training With GLORY Champ Joseph Valtellini

Can you guess what the highlight of my trip to Toronto was? Yup. It was when I got to train with former GLORY welterweight champ, Bazooka Joseph Valtellini! Needless to say the training session at Bazooka MMA & Kickboxing was awesome and I learned an incredible amount in just a couple hours.

First I jumped into the beginners class to loosen up and get a feel for Joe’s style of teaching. Right away I could tell a major difference in his style of fighting because of how it was tailored towards kickboxing and brute power in every strike. Even though it was only a beginners class, I was able to learn a whole new variety of styles, concepts and techniques to implement into my training right away.

After taking some time to adapt my style to be more kickboxing oriented, it was time for the fighters class where I got to move around with pro fighter Troy Sheridan and a bunch of other skilled fighters in the gym.

We did a variety of sparring drills that worked on timing, distancing and accuracy. I was BEAT afterwards, but when Bazooka said he’d do some pad rounds with me, I immediately got a second wind.  Check out the entire training session in my 4th vlog from Toronto:

Toronto Muay Thai Vlog #4 – Training With Bazooka Joe Valtellini

After training at Bazooka MMA & Kickboxing, it was time to rest and recover for the last day of my trip which consisted of teaching a striking class at Lin’s Martial Arts. Take a look at the session I taught which included some dutch-style partner drills, counter footwork techniques and more!

Toronto Muay Thai Vlog #5 – Teaching at Lin’s Martial Arts

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