Toronto Muay Thai Vlog #3 – Strength & Conditioning Session with Geoff Girvitz

Strength & Conditioning Circuit for Mobility and Explosiveness

When we think about strength and conditioning for Muay Thai (or MMA and other combat sports) primarily we want to discuss the “sexy” topics like developing KO power or increasing speed in our strikes... we very rarely want to talk about the lesser know topics like mobility, flexibility and injury prevention.

I’m not gonna lie… I’ve been (and still am) guilty of neglecting these less popular areas of my training sometimes too. Fortunately, after talking with Geoff Girvitz from Bang Fitness in Toronto (I interviewed him on episode 72 of my podcast) I realized that more of my attention should be focused on the areas of strength and conditioning that will ultimately help lengthen my career.

In the my most recent Toronto Muay Thai Vlog, I run through a moderately intense workout session with Geoff. Needless to say,  I noticed BIG differences in my hip flexibility and overall endurance after doing a seemingly “easy” workout. You can take a look at what I mean in the video below:

Here’s a brief rundown for what Geoff had me do:

  1. Sled Push – This is a fantastic exercise for developing explosive power, especially in the legs. At first my times for pushing the sled about 20 yards were solid, but they actually got better the more rounds I did of the circuit… which blew my mind at first, but made sense after Geoff explained why that is.
  2. Inverse Rows – Next stop was to bang out 10 explosive reps of inverse rows on the gymnastic rings.
  3. Sandbag Carry – Don’t let the simplicity of it fool you. Carrying a heavy sandbag around is tiring as hell!
  4. Hip Mobility – When I first did this movement my hips were tight as fuck! After a few rounds of the circuit I noticed a huge difference in the flexibility and dexterity of my hips.

I did about 10-15 sets of this non-stop for around 30 minutes (give or take). It wasn’t insanely intense, but it pushed my cardio, built up my explosive movements and kept my work rate consistent.

After I finished the strength and conditioning with Geoff, I then headed to train at Bazooka Joe’s gym and get some work in with the champ! Make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel so you don’t miss out on any new videos!

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