Top 5 Muay Thai Guy Posts of 2014

The Most Popular Blog Posts From This Year

Being that the year is coming to an end and it’s the perfect time for some reflecting, I figured now would be the perfect time to check out and see which Muay Thai Guy blog posts were the most popular throughout 2014.

After searching through the stats from the past year to see what blog posts were the most visited, I noticed that there were more than 1,000,000 views to Muay Thai Guy… that’s insane! Never could I have imagined this website being what it is today, it’s crazy to see how far it’s come. But it’s because people like you who enjoy reading, listening and watching my stuff that I’m able to keep doing it. So thank you!

Ok, enough sappy shit. Let’s get to the Top 5 Muay Thai Guy blog posts of 2014:


#1. Video Breakdown: Buakaw Clinch Entries, Exit and Knees
This post went viral almost immediately after I posted it because the combination of Lawrence Kenshin + Buakaw was too much for people to handle. The video analysis in the post is a must see.
#2. Drills and Sparring Tips (How To Take a Beating)
Whether you believe it or not, learning how to take a hit and get beat up will come in handy throughout your Muay Thai career. Whether you’re sparring for fun or training for a fight, these tips will definitely help you get more out of your sessions.
#3. Defense Against Aggressive Punchers
A common problem that many people run into is dealing with the super aggressive, forward moving puncher who pushes you back into a corner. The video tutorials in this post are great tools to improving your defense against these types of fighters.
#4Clinch King Video Series
It’s been great hearing about how people have been enjoying my first video course “Clinch King”. What’s even cooler is seeing that it’s one of the most visited pages of my site! If you’re looking to turn your clinch game around or tighten up your technique, then definitely give it a look!
#5. The Art Of Losing
We all know that losing sucks, but learning how to deal with a loss is crucial if you want to have a successful career. When I lost my most recent fight via 1st round TKO, it was devastating, but leaning how to move past and improve from the loss is what’s going to help me become a better person and fighter.

Last years content was great, but I’m looking to make 2015 even more epic. In order to do so, I’d love to hear your input on what type of content I should be releasing in terms of videos, blog posts, and podcast. So, if you could take the 1 minute to leave a comment below and share with me your thoughts I’d really appreciate it.
As always, thanks for the continued support. Happy New Year!
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