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Top 10 Muay Thai Gifts

The best ideas for muay thai presents for fans and fighters

Muay thai gifts are always on the top of my wish list whether it’s my birthday, Christmas and even Valentines Day. There is no present you can get an avid muay thai fan or fighter that will be better than any of the muay thai present ideas on the list below!

As a huge muay thai fighter and fan I always want the newest, coolest muay thai training equipment, muay thai shorts, tickets to fights, muay thai DVD’s and pretty much anything related to muay thai… and I bet the person you’re shopping for feels the same way!

Check out the list of the top 10 best gifts to buy a muay thai fan or fighter for their birthday, Christmas or other special holidays and occasions!

The Best List of Top 10 Muay Thai Gifts

#10. Pay For Their Gym Membership

Help support the muay thai addict in your life by paying for their gym membership!

If the person you are buying a gift for spends a decent amount of time training at the muay thai gym, don’t you think it would be a huge help if you paid for their monthly dues? Personally, I would love if I could get my gym fees paid off as a gift!

Of course you don’t have to pay for the full year, but you can make a ‘gift card’ or ‘voucher’ to pay for their gym membership. Don’t be a thoughtless prick and just hand them some money and say it’s for their gym membership, put more thought into it!

#9. Private Instruction / Muay Thai Lessons

muay thai instruction

Pay for a couple of one on one training sessions with a top muay thai instructor in your area! If the person you are shopping for is always looking to improve their technique and overall training, a couple hours of private instruction will really help them perfect some aspects of their game.

The cost varies depending on where you go. If you are looking for lessons from an experienced, well-known instructor, you’ll probably spend a bit more than if you were to just pay for an average instructor without as big of a name. Private lessons can run anywhere from $40-$150 per hour.

Regardless of the instructor, gym or price, this is a thoughtful and practical gift that can really benefit any muay thai addict!

#8. A Fighter’s Heart and The Fighter’s Mind

Reading both of these books have had a major influence not only in my muay thai career, but in my life as well.

a fighters heart by sam sheridan muay thai gifts A Fighter’s Heart gave me the idea to travel to Thailand to train muay thai. I learned what to expect, how to respect the culture, the sport and how realistic it was to  become a good muay thai fighter if I just put my mind to it.

The author, Sam Sheridan, also travels to Brazil to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Iowa to train wrestling and various other places. It’s a great read that is sure to inspire the fighter in your life!



the fighters mind muay thai mma gift ideaThe Fighter’s MInd totally blew my mind! I learned so many mental strategies, motivational tools and general training ideas that has drastically improved my training by leaps and bounds.

Sam interviews some of the best in the fight world; Frank Shamrock, Dan Gable, Marcelo Garcia, Freddie Roach, Randy Couture and much more!

The lessons you learn from this book will directly effect your training the next day!



These books are a MUST READ if you are a fighter or fight fan.

#7. Muay Thai Equipment Bag

muay thai fairtex equipment bagMy muay thai equipment bag is very important to me and since my dog pissed all over my bag, this is on the top of the list for what I want for Christmas!

Gym bags are very important to anyone who trains in muay thai, MMA or boxing. With a variety of gear to carry and bring to training everyday it’s important to buy a top quality muay thai equipment bag that’s not only durable but also has plenty of space and pockets to put all the extra gear and supplies you can’t fit in a normal bag.

You’ll find some of the best deals on high quality muay thai equipment bags at MuayThaiHero or check out top quality MMA gym bags here at MMAwarehouse

#6. Muay Thai Supplies and Apparel

Muay thai fighters and people who train in muay thai can always appreciate having new shin guardsgroin protectionhead gearmouth guards and other muay thai equipment.

But buying the muay thai apparel and supplies that most people don’t thing to buy are great muay thai gifts too! Any of the following items would make great gifts for muay thai fans and fighters:

  • Mongkol (Headband)
  • Prajioud (Armbands)
  • Muay thai balm and oil
  • Muay Thai Hand Wraps
  • Body care/hygiene products

You can find all these awesome muay thai gift ideas and great deals at Muay Thai Art and MMA Warehouse. Both of these online stores are the places I go to when I need the nuts and bolts for my muay thai equipment.

#5. Tickets To Muay Thai Fight Events

muay thai at the mecca 2 tickets take on prodcutions

You know what’s great about these muay thai gifts?

You can buy one ticket for the gift recipient and one ticket for yourself! I know it’s a genius idea. I’ve done this plenty of times before with other sporting events (like buying my brother New York Ranger tickets just so I can go).

This gift is awesome because not only do you get to see some badass, live muay thai fights, but you get to spend time together and have an awesome experience!

The top promotions to buy tickets for vary depending on where you live so you might have to do some research. But here’s a general idea of some of the best muay thai promotions to check out:

sak yant tiger muay thai tattoo thailand

#4. Tattoos

Most muay thai fighters and fans have some ink on their body. Whether it’s a small quote tattoo on their arm or a huge back piece loaded with detailed art, you can bet your ass that anyone who wants a tattoo would appreciate you paying for it!

Not only do most tattoos look badass, but they are also very meaningful and deep to whoever decided to permanently scar their body. Whenever they look at the tattoo you paid for they will remember and appreciate the fact that you had a major role in getting that tattoo done.

If you’re seriously consider paying for a muay thai tattoo, then you can get ideas for what type of sak yant muay thai tattoos are popular among muay thai fighters. However, if they decide to get a sak yant tattoo, they’d be better off getting it in Thailand where it is practiced and perfected!

#3. Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

twins boxing-\ gloves

The next few muay thai gifts are pretty obvious but they need to be said.

You can’t go wrong with buying a new pair of muay thai boxing gloves for the muay thai fan or fighter in your life (unless of course they just bought a new pair). Even if they already have a pair, you can buy bag gloves, sparring gloves or weighted gloves that are sure to benefit their muay thai training.

Not to mention muay thai gloves can get worn out and stinky pretty quickly. When you buy any type of muay thai gifts (especially equipment) do research and check out reviews on the top brands of best quality muay thai boxing gloves!

#2. Muay Thai Clothing and Apparel

badboy muay thai shirt

Muay thai fans and fighters are passionate about the sport they love. One of the best ways to show their passion is to rock the coolest muay thai shirts, pants, hoodies, tanktops and other types of clothing!

I personally can’t get enough muay thai t-shirts, hoodies and tank tops. If all I were to get for my birthday was a bunch of muay thai clothing I would be totally stoked!

Check out these best stores where you can buy the coolest muay thai clothing for your muay thai addict!

#1. Muay Thai Shorts

top king muay thai shorts

People who train muay thai need at least a couple of pairs of muay thai shorts to wear during training sessions. I personally like to have one pair of thai boxing trunks for every day of the week… but that’s just me.

There are so many cool looking muay thai shorts out there, you’re bound to find one that is the perfect muay thai gift! You can even design custom made muay thai trunks!

I shop at these top online muay thai stores. My recommendation would be to shop at Muay Thai Stuff because that’s where I buy my equipment/clothing and I’ve had great experiences with customer support/getting my gear relatively quickly. On the other hand MMA Warehouse is located in the USA, so if you’re shopping in the US and need things quickly, they are probably you’re best option.

Each online store has a massive selection of muay thai shorts starting from $10! For the more elaborate designs or custom made shorts you can expect to pay closer to $20-$60.

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