10 Highlight Videos EVERY Fighter Should Watch

Top 10 Best Fighter Highlight Videos

Most fighters have our pre-fight rituals, pre-training rituals, etc…and one of mine is watching highlight videos. I think most of us love highlight videos for any number of reasons, so I’ve put together my top ten highlight videos that every fighter should watch.

1) Ernesto Hoost: Tiger Style by Sherdog

Out the gates, this is my favorite highlight video of all time. Period. First of all nothing tops a Rage Against The Machine & Wu Tang Clan collab. But beyond that, this video just gets me instantly hype to fuck shit up.

Recommendation: Never watch this video before going to: a grocery store, movie theater, restaurant, church, bat mitzvah…pretty much anywhere that innocent people may be within striking distance.

2) Kevin Ross: Ressurection by James Blair

Kevin Ross is like Muay Thai’s very own Rocky and this highlight video is like watching Rocky IV for me. When it ends I’m either going straight to the gym, or I’m gloving up at home and my dog, Dexter, puts in his mouth piece because he knows what’s up.

In all seriousness, I think many of us have dealt with injuries doing what we love. This video just shows that drive and that fire that’s often needed to truly come back from a bad injury and return as an even better fighter than you were before.

Recommendation: Watch this video before training or when you just feel burned out on your training & need recharged. There is always a higher level and it is attainable.

3) Jon Jones: The Alpha by Muzone

What’s not to love about this video? How can this video no motivate anyone?

First of all, Christopher Walken is my second favorite actor of all time & his monologue from “Pool Hall Junkies” couldn’t have been utilized more perfectly. Secondly, Jon Jones exudes invincibility; perhaps a little too much. A little sniff here. A little sniff there. A little drive around the block. What’s the worst that could…you know the rest. At any rate, this video truly embodies his spirit of invincibility.

Recommendation: Do not! I repeat. Do not watch this video while under the influence of any narcotics. Objects in mirror may be closer than they appear. Certainly, watch this video before a fight when you want to get into that “No one can stop me!” mindset.

4) “Iron” Mike Tyson Highlights

No explanation should be needed here. I think any Tyson highlight is valid but for me what solidified this one as my favorite one and what really moves me about this video is Tyson’s rant at the beginning! It’s mean, it’s nasty, it’s Tyson.

Recommendation: Watch this video before a fight then, when you get to the ring, advise the ref that everyone within ten feet of said ring might die so don’t go deducting any points like he wasn’t warned ahead of time.

5) Roy Jones Jr: Legend by Romain Launoy

This is easily one of the most fun highlight videos ever put together! Scored by Jones’ own song which somehow only sounds good when paired with clips of Jones’ flashy destruction, this video truly showcases Jones at his finest. But for me it reminds me to always have fun and to always remember to look good fuckin shit up.

Recommendation: You can literally never go wrong with this video. But certainly watch it if you’re draw to the flash & if you are a footwork fanatic like I am.

6) Muhammed Ali: Amazing Speed

It’s Ali, baby. It’s Ali. I often say that I can shadowbox beautifully to any type of music, but this song has been a go-to of mine for a long time because it keeps me loose & fluid. This video paired with this song gives me the visual to go along with what I’m trying to achieve.

Recommendation: Watch this when you’re relaxing & just want to vibe with your own rhythm & visualize your movement.

7) Level Up Gym: Game of Inches by Jason Farrell

A new entry into the fray. This video is literally like a week or two old and it has already hit my top ten. It bumped an Andy Souwer highlight off the list! There are quite a few things that make this video a masterpiece to me.

For one, I am constantly telling people I train that fighting is a game of inches. And that you live and die by those inches. For two, of course, another one of my favorite monologues is used here. Al Pacino in “Any Given Sunday”. But what truly makes this video special is that it is made by a coach and it gives you a look at this game from the perspective of a coach.

Most highlight videos are all about the finished product. The knockout. The run into the stands. The slick moves and the music. This is about the team. This one shows those off moments in training that most people who don’t live it never see. It features fighters that most people have never heard of but who give their all day in day out and this video is almost like an appreciation piece for the fighters who live and breathe this sport but have not yet or may not yet truly get the spotlight.

Recommendation: Just watch the damn video, son!

8) Prince Naseem Hamed: Rock Superstar by GP Boxing

I love this video for all of the same reasons why I love the Roy Jones video. The only reason why it is further down the list is because I always go to the RJJ video first.

Recommendation: Again, you can’t go wrong here. Before training. Before a fight. At work like, “Fuck this project, B! I’m finna watch YouTube videos!” You cannot go wrong here.

9) Kazushi Sakuraba: The Gracie Hunter by Sherdog

Let’s talk about the Gracie Hunter video! Who says a 90% grappling video can’t be exciting? Shiiiiiiiiit! Sherdog took that challenged back in the day and leveled it up when they set it to a U2 song! The idea to mix Sakuraba’s joyful brutality with this rather hopeful and smooth song was brilliant.

True story, I sing when I roll BJJ. It pisses people off and it helps me breathe properly. This is one of my go-to songs because of this video. But what really inspires me about this video is that it highlights the achievements of a man who beat people who, at the time, no one gave him a shot at beating. But he took every naysay against him and he shoved it right down their throats with a smile on his face. Who can’t love that?

Recommendation: Just press play when you need to feel inspired. Or when you doubt yourself.

10) CSA: House Of Champions by James Blair

This is sort of a personal choice of mine because this video features several of my favorite Muay Thai fighters (Miriam Nakamoto, Kevin Ross, Zoila Frausto, Gaston Bolaños, Jason Andrada, etc…) who just so happen to be under the same roof.

Personally, I think this video is better for coaches believe it or not. The products in this video are exactly what you get when you’re truly skilled at your craft of molding weapons of destruction and guiding them along the right path. That is something that should really be taken from this video even thought it’s not stated at all and I don’t think the point was even intended to be made as such.

Recommendation: Dream big.

So…the question now becomes, “What’s on your list?”

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