Tony Manoharan Quits His Job, Travels To Thailand and Is Now Living The Dream!

Muay Thai Podcast Interview #47

Impromptu Podcast With Tony Manoharan in Thailand

tony manoharan training muay thai in thailandSo, I’m just getting coffee and a local coffee shop here in Chiang Mai, right? I look up and notice the guy standing next to me in line. I do a quick double take and realize, holy shit, it’s Tony! Although we haven’t met in person, we knew each other through the Muay Thai community and immediately hit it off. Since he has been traveling, training, and fighting in Thailand as well as keeping a blog about his journey, we thought doing a podcast would be perfect!

When we sat down to talk we just completely winged it and talked about whatever came to out minds. We cover a whole range of topics including:

  • What was behind his decision to quit his stable job to travel and train in Thailand and all around the world.
  • How he got prepared to come over to Thailand before making the flight over.
  • The types of resistance he had when he made the decision to travel to Thailand.
  • How the rule differences between the US/Canada and Thailand changes his fighting style.
  • His plans to train with legends in Australia and the UK after his stay in Thailand.
  • Why he decided to blog about his journey on and how it’s benefitted his training.
  • What he plans on doing when he comes back to the states and Canada, including some fights and promotions he’d like to take part in.
  • How his nutrition, eating habits, and weight cutting process has changed dramatically since training in Training.
  • How he’s done weight cutting the right way and the wrong way, and what he’s learned from it.
  • His thoughts on quality vs. quantity as well as how he tapers his training down before fight night.
  • How he is able to control his nerves and feel mentally prepared for his fights.
  • His thoughts on visualization and why he doesn’t like to visualize the fight.
  • Why watching videos of opponents can be a good thing and a bad thing.
  • And much, much, much more!

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