TMTG: “Shortcuts” To Becoming a Muay Thai Champion

The Muay Thai Guys Podcast – Episode 83

nak muay nation paul banasiak t shirtLets get right to the point: There are no real “shortcuts” to becoming a champion.

That being said, the “shortcuts” we’re discussing here are ways to efficiently and proactively pursue greatness by following the lead of past and present champions. By studying the habits, characteristics and attributes of elite level fighters, we can better understand the amount of work, sacrifice and discipline it takes to get a nice shiny belt strapped around your waist.

In Paul’s recent article “The 3 Shortcuts To Becoming A Champion”, he dissects the work ethic and practices of champion fighters. We take the lead from that article but dive even deeper into the subject in this week’s podcast:

Click Here To Listen To TMTG 083: “Shortcuts” To Becoming a Muay Thai Champion

  • What a “shortcut” to becoming a champion really means.
  • How your decision to go all-in with your dreams and goals of becoming a champion is the first real step.
  • Why living/sleeping in a gym is a common story shared by champion fighters.
  • How the romanticism of sleeping in a gym is often fantasized and much harder than it looks.
  • The importance of creating a lifestyle that revolves around your training and fight career.
  • Why eliminating distractions and bad habits is a must if you want to achieve anything worthwhile – not just a championship belt.
  • Our stories on how we went all-in for our dreams, quit our jobs, and sacrificed a great deal to get where we are today.
  • And much, much more!

Click Here To Listen To TMTG 083: “Shortcuts” To Becoming a Muay Thai Champion

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