TMTG: Finding The “X” Factor


Training with a team is completely irreplaceable. But not everyone has access to a team 24/7. Schedules conflict, some train full-time, some train part-time, or maybe family or work obligations get in the way. That’s why it is essential that you know how to train solo. At the end of the day, it’s you in that ring.

For example, everyone knows who Georges St. Pierre is. He’s got an awesome team up at Tristar Gym, but he’s got many other people that he learns from across the world. He’s got Phil Nurse, Freddie Roach, Kru Yod, and so many more people. But even with those people, he is the one responsible for putting all the training together and figuring out how he can use it to make himself better.

Today’s episode is a how-to guide on training, whether solo or with a team. Enjoy!

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We cover stuff like:

  • Creativity in Muay Thai,
  • How to train solo,
  • How to train with a team and coach,
  • How to blend solo-training, team-training, coaching, etc.,
  • Why you may not be improving your technique to the best of your potential,
  • Paul’s The Heavy Bag Training Manual,
  • and much, much more!

Hungry for more MUAY THAI KNOWLEDGE?!

If you want the ultimate guide to solo-training, you need to check out Paul Banasiak‘s The Heavy Bag Training Manual. It is a complete guide to solo-training.

If you want to create a powerful clinch game, quick combinations, an impregnable defense, and immovable balance all on your own, click here to check out the FREE COURSE The Heavy Bag Training Manual.


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