The boys are BACK! Join Sean “Muay Thai Guy” Fagan & Paul “The Reaper” Banasiak for an all-new episode of The Muay Thai Guys, featuring the one and only – Mia Kang. . .


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Fighters are perfectionists – we can be very hard on ourselves. We constantly want to learn more, fight more, capture more titles, and so on. There is a burning drive to simply improve – from our teeps to our

We want achievement, so one of the most important things we miss out on is appreciation. Today we’re bringing on a guest who balances achievement and appreciation: Mia King.

Mia King is a model and a fighter, though she did not start out that way. Before she ever became either, she was overweight and a victim of bullying. On top of that, she dealt with eating disorders, anxiety and depression. Yet somehow she still managed to become who she is today.

Today’s episode dives into how Mia overcame the obstacles in her life and used those lessons to become the person she is today.

Watch the full, original broadcast or click the link below for the audio/podcast version.

Click Here To Listen To TMTG #98: Self-Love, Imperfection, And Passion

Sean & Paul crack open a lot of topics in this one, including:

  • Mia’s beginnings as a 13-year-old model;
  • Mia’s battles with anxiety, eating disorders, and depression;
  • How breaking down helped Mia build herself back up;
  • How Mia’s trip to Thailand and Muay Thai completely changed her life;
  • Being a multi-dimensional person (like balancing the seemingly contradictory model and fighter);
  • How to deal with imperfections;
  • And much, much more…

Love Mia? Want to meet her in person?

Mia has started her own Muay Thai retreat with the goal of empowering women, learning to help others, and “dropping the idea of becoming someone and rediscovering the masterpiece you already are.”

Tickets bought after May 1st will be $2,100, but all tickets bought before May 1st will be at a discounted $1,785! Book now and save $315!

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