Tiffany Van Soest: Mind Bomb #4

To The Limit

Fighting is crazy. As a career, it is a choice. No one has to be a professional fighter. It’s brutal and not an easy life by any means.

But I believe that everyone who fights is fighting for something or against something. Fighting for a cause, to prove something, for a thrill or for livelihood. Or fighting against personal demons, adversity, doubt or whatever that resistance may be. It may even be a little of both.

It is my firm belief that no fighter enters the ring or cage for no reason. Fighting is one of the most primal forms of physical expression we as humans are capable of. Once you’re in there, you cannot hide.

You put yourself in the most vulnerable place you can be. Fighting strips you down to your most raw and pure form. It will magnify your strengths and weaknesses instantly without anyone having to utter a word. With the spectacle it has become, the industry and the “sport,” if you will, are often van soest kickboxing bali

Let us not forget that fighting is programmed into our DNA. Fighting is REAL. In the grand scheme of things, it is only a small percentage of individuals who make the conscious choice to make a career out of pushing themselves to and then through their limits. To test themselves in the most real and brutal way possible all while putting it on display, simultaneously being driven FOR or AGAINST something.


Think about that.

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