THROWING A Switch Kick

Crack Ribs & Deaden Arms With Switch Kicks

The switch kick is one of the trickiest and deadliest techniques in Muay Thai.

The rear roundhouse kick is a devastating technique. However, given that it is the part of your body furthest from your opponent, setting it up and landing it can prove difficult. Were it easy, then everyone would be Mirko Cro Cop or Peter Aerts. The switch kick is a simpler and trickier technique that is just as devastating.

You can throw the technique while moving forward or while moving backwards. You can throw it with speed by performing a small switch or with power by performing a larger switch.

For all the details to perfect the technique, check out the Evolve MMA video below:


Fighting & Balance

Learning the switch kick is not a guarantee you’ll be able to use it effectively.

Why? Because fighting is an ever-changing tide. A swimmer may learn the movements of a stroke but simple waves can throw your technique off completely. Thankfully, we have a way to guard against your switch kick technique from being thrown off course: balance.

Fighting is movement and movement is balance. If your balance is disrupted, your movement is halted. If your movement is halted, you become not a fighter but a heavy bag.

If you worry about your kick getting jammed or your balance destroyed, we have the solution in the video below:

Muay Thai Heavy Bag Drill: Switch Kick to Switch Knee


Nong-O & The Switch Kick

You’ve learned the switch kick.

You know how to remain balanced when the tide of fighting turns, as they inevitably do. But how do you fit it into your fighting toolkit?

Let’s look at how the legend Nong-O utilized it to devastating effect. Through the eyes of Lawrence Kenshin, we will analyze how the master devastates with the switch kick:

Striking Chess Masters: The Lead Side Triple Threat ft. Nong-O


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