The Sweet Science & The Art of Eight Limbs


A Basic Intro to Boxing in Muay Thai

Athletes, regardless of skill level, often hit the proverbial wall. In other words, they feel like they’re plateauing, sooner rather than later, in such a way that no matter how hard or constant they train, it’ll seem like there isn’t much progress.

For Muay Thai practitioners, this plateau is one of the hardest things to endure and break through. However, by looking at it from a more positive point of view, it’s also where trainers and athletes become creative.

Creativity is very important, especially for fighters who want to separate themselves from the rest of the field. Sometimes a slight modification in training is more than enough to overcome stagnation, which in turn takes a Nak Muay’s skills to a higher level. It can also lead to a profound effect on performance. One such way is to incorporate certain boxing philosophies during Muay Thai training.

Looking at things from the top down, boxing is part of Muay Thai, as fighters generally use their hands to either strike their opponents or to engage in the clinch. While Muay Thai Pros shows the various principles and differences of boxing and Muay Thai. From here, Nak Muays can adapt certain techniques and incorporate them into their training.


Boxing’s Cultural Evolution Throughout the Years

Boxing’s roots can be traced back as far as 688 BC, during a time when ancient Greeks considered this a brutal Olympic sport. Back in that day, fighters’ hands were wrapped in leather and they would fight until one could no longer continue.

Since then, the sport’s rules, scope and influence have evolved tremendously. Even gaming companies have jumped on the bandwagon and included boxing in their roster of games. Leading slots provider Spin Genie tapped into the popularity of the sport by launching their very own themed boxing game, Fisticuffs, which shows just how far the sport has really come. It’s a testament to how different cultures practice boxing and adjust it to their own liking.

Why Consider the Sweet Science?

In contrast to Muay Thai practitioners, boxers utilize four striking techniques: jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts. That being said, the variation of these practices, together with the amount of footwork, feints and change in rhythm make the sport more complicated than it looks. These are some of the reasons why it’s famously referred to as the sweet science. Also, these are the same concepts that can take a Muay Thai fighter’s game to the next level.


Essential Boxing Skills & Concepts for Nak Muays

Naks Muays benefit from the many concepts that make up boxing.

First off, even though Thai fighters don’t rely as heavily on footwork as much as boxers, practicing it can give them an edge in terms of dealing with aggressive opponents, as well as setting up for strikes and counters. This also involves taking advantage of proper angling, particularly when looking for an opening for a preemptive or a counter strike.

Muay Thai practitioners can learn a thing or two about feints, as boxers are masters at disguising the intentions of their punches. In fact, it can be more devastating when used by a Muay Thai fighter, bearing in mind that they’re allowed to use kicks, elbows and knees. In addition, Nak Muays can gain from boxers’ impeccable timing. Once they become accustomed to this idea, not only can they quickly find an opportunity to hit first and strike fast, their movements will also be difficult to predict.


Destroy Your Obstacles

There’s absolutely no doubt: boxing is an excellent cross-training venture for Muay Thai fighters. It teaches important skills and concepts applicable during a fight, as well as sharpens tools across the board. It’s a surefire way to break through this so-called wall of complacency and stagnation.



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