The Striking Corner: Muay Thai Chat with Ognjen Topic

The Striking Corner Podcast – Episode 23

10996559_383378645176940_8136231273592554193_nI know you love The Muay Thai Guy Podcast, but believe it or not, there is an equally awesome podcast out there by Eric and Vinny of The Striking Corner (originally Muay Thai is Life). They’ve been putting out interviews with some of the top names of the sports and are always asking questions that I would never think to ask… you definitely need to subscribe!

In this recent episode of The Striking Corner, they speak with current WKA and WBC National Champion, Ognjen Topic.

They chat about his journey to the US from a war torn Bosnia in the early 90’s, how he discovered Muay Thai and how at the beginning of his career had to fight in secret because his father wasn’t too enthused about his decision to make fighting a profession. They talk that and much more!

Click on the podcast player below and give it a listen!

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