The Southpaw Step-Up Knee Technique

How to Perform The Southpaw Step Up Knee 

In a southpaw vs orthodox match up, the lead hand and lead foot are both complements to one another and will often lead you to a swift victory, be you an orthodox or southpaw fighter.

The lead hand and foot have a synergistic approach to one another. Handfighting to secure the lead-hand position will help you secure lead-foot position, which gives you the outside angle. Throwing leg kicks or using tricky footwork to secure lead-foot position will help you hand-fight, which allows you to push and pull your opponent.

What does this have to do with the southpaw, step-up knee? It’s about your knee trajectory. When you have the outside angle, your knee will, assuming there’re no obstructions, travel swiftly, in a straight line down to wherever you choose to place it. You first play with the teep to establish the outside angle, then you use that same teep that got you the outside angle to feint and step up into a soul-stealing knee.

The Southpaw Step-Up Knee Technique

Whatever a southpaw may do to you, you may also do to him. A southpaw’s tricks are many. However, they all stem from fundamental principles as does orthodox vs orthodox or southpaw vs southpaw match ups. Here are 2 southpaw techniques for yourself as the southpaw or orthodox to implement against your next opponent.

2 Southpaw Techniques For Muay Thai

You can’t mention knees without mentioning Dieselnoi. His knees are the greatest one can ever watch. Dieselnoi on the pads is an absolute spectacle. Ain’t it great then, that we may observe his knees at work? It is. However, ain’t it greater that we may observe his knees at work through the eyes of  Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

Tribute to Dieselnoi: The Greatest Knee Specialist

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