“The Reaper” Combo | Setting Up The Liver Shot

A Boxing Combination to Set Up the Liver Punch

Attacking the body is underrated offense. Landing body shots can cripple your opponent in an instant, but small pestering body shots can also add up and wind your opponent.

Now, whether you’re trying to land one shot to finish a fight or you’re trying to pester and poke until your opponent can’t take it anymore, positioning is still the key to fighting. We’re going to look today specifically at your feet.

Your power is often determined by proper weight transfer, and if your feet are not in the proper position, you will not have any weight behind your punch, thus, your punches will not have power.

In the below video, the positioning of your feet determines both your range and your power. Your feet will be in direct correlation with your range and power, so pay attention to your feet.

“The Reaper” Combo | Setting Up The Liver Shot

The value of attrition is one seldom looked upon. The little things can often compile up into a gargantuan snowball. Does it seem risky to be playing the long game in a sport where one little mistake can be the end of you? Shouldn’t you want to eliminate any potential your opponent has for offense? Yeah, I’m not going to argue with that.

I, however, enjoy a plan B. If you ever find yourself having a hard time getting out of there, or maybe you need to pace yourself because you’re tired, just remember that there’s nothing better than simplicity. Teeps and jabs will keep your opponent at bay and win you fights more often than any overhand right or other power punch.

Muay Thai Kick Combo | Inside Leg Kick To Teep

 If you want to learn about great footwork, I recommend none study higher than Samart Payakaroon. Let us study him through the eyes of a striking analyst Lawrence Kenshin. This is Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

Samart: Master Of Deception – The Great Bait

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