If set up properly, the question mark kick, also known as the Brazilian kick or downward roundhouse, is almost always guaranteed to land.


Popularized by especially bendy fighters like Saenchai, the question mark kick is one of the most deceptive kicks in fighting

Its deception comes from its potential to be set up by the low kick and the teep – the two most common kicks you’ll ever see in fighting. It can use the exact same chamber as both.

This means that every single low kick or teep that comes could end up being turned into a knockout blow.

That’s a scary thought.

Here’s more detail on how to execute the technique, presented by Evolve MMA:


If you notice in the video above, there’s a slight difference in the low kick’s chamber and the question mark kick’s. The knee from the kicking leg is clearly moving in a different direction. Your opponent may not catch onto this and may be reacting to the low kick as soon as they see your foot and hips move. However, if they have a good enough eye, it can be seen.

I believe, therefore, that the best setup for the question mark kick would be the teep. The teep has a simple chamber and can seamlessly transition into a head kick with a simple swivel of the knee. Furthermore, it is far easier to catch a teep than a low kick, so your opponent is much more likely to reach for it and thus leave their head exposed in the meantime.

If you look at “Mr. Lightning” Lerdsila’s KO at Lion Fight 36, you’ll see how powerful setting up with the teep can be.

As we all know, deception is the name of the game. And if you can blend a powerful technique into such a common one like the teep? Well, you’ve seen the results for yourself. It’s a KO that’s almost guaranteed.

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