The Principals of Family Life & Training Management

The Muay Thai Guys Podcast – Episode 59

One of the most common concerns about training or lack there of is the limit of having to take care of a family, to look after your social circle, and make time for those who are closest to you.

Sean and I have made mistakes in both extremes. Limiting our training and perhaps not reaching our full potential, as well as limiting our time with significant others, family, and friends to get to the next level.

In this weeks podcast, we dissect these certain principles that we feel are important for being able to manage your time properly while balancing your work/life/family all at once.

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Here are the principals we discuss in depth on the podcast on managing the life of a fighter and family time:

1. The Communication Cliche Principal

Communication actually works. Coming to an agreement and strategic plan may not apply to all situations, but it is a standard for keeping healthy expectations within your family. Delaying the talk may lead to frustration, mistrust, and confusion.

2. The Principal of Reoccurring Seasons

There’s a time where we invest, where we work, invest some more, educate ourselves and improve upon the initial investments, all in an effort to enjoy the fruits of our labor. There are seasons of financial growth, emotional investment, intellectual growth, and other focus points throughout life. We often get stuck in constants, we are afraid to let go of routine, for our partners to outgrow us or for us to outgrow them. This is the true test of a strong bond.

3. The Principal of Forward Thinking

An excerpt from The Exorcism of Excuse and Regret – World Travel

“Show your kids that the world is not limited to their neighborhood – it will teach them about the importance of accepting others who are different from them, to be well-conditioned out of their comfort zone.   A sense of fulfillment comes from travel, it begins inside, but it is projected outwardly on those around you. At the end of the day there is no regret, no stone left unturned. There is no resentment towards others for limiting you. It is as if you want to show others the things you have been blessed to see and experience yourself. To give back the same blessings you have received.”

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