The New Nak Muay Nation 2.0…. Now Live!

The #1 Online Muay Thai Community & Training Resource

Our goal for the new Nak Muay Nation 2.0 is to create a martial arts platform where passionate Muay Thai students come together to bolster their knowledge and sharpen their skills in this deadly art.

Once signed up, you have instant access to an entire video library of detailed technique tutorials, intense drills, historic fight breakdowns, and tons of other premier training material.

It’s a one-stop shop for the online Nak Muay: a community and service where your training needs are met, whether technique, coaching, nutrition, strength and conditioning, fight knowledge, and more!

Lawrence and myself are extremely excited to reveal what we’ve been working so hard on the past few months. The new Nak Muay Nation is sure to blow your mind with not only the amount of content you’ll get, but the amount of high quality videos, breakdowns and ebooks you’ll receive once you enter the NMN membership area!

Here’s some of the new things you can expect:

  1. New Tutorials From Top Fighters – Our goal for NMN is to take your understanding of Muay Thai to a higher level. With new instructional videos from Tiffany Van Soest, Paul “The Reaper” Banasiak, Chris Mauceri and JJ Russo, you’ll have more than enough content to improve your Fight IQ and have a whole arsenal of new techniques to try out in training!
  2. In-Depth Private Lessons With LegendsWatch as Sylvie Von-Duuglas Ittu and Paul Banasiak learn from some of the best Thai fighters in the game including Lerdsila, Sagat and Dieselnoi. Also watch private lessons where Paul and Chris teach they’re strategies and tactics to amateur fighters to help them sharpen their striking technique.
  3. Sparring and Fight BreakdownsOnce you enter NMN you’ll receive full sparring breakdowns between myself, Chris Mauceri and Jeff Chan. On top of that, I’ll be adding new breakdowns monthly which will also feature some of my recent fights as well!
  4. Access To A Members-Only Facebook Group – Join in on the conversation where the goal for this group is to help each other in every aspect of Muay Thai, including training methods, technique analysis, strength and conditioning, mindset tips, injury prevention and much more.
  5. Access To Training Guides and eBooks As a member you’ll receive access to all of my ebooks including Muay Thai Mastery, Thailand Travel Guide, Fuel The Fighter and a handful of other titles.

So, are you ready to see what the hype is all about?

Click Here To Check Out The New And Improved Nak Muay Nation 2.0!

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Sean "Muay Thai Guy" Fagan owns & operates the largest online Muay Thai community and the #1 training resource for nak muay of all levels.

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