The Inverted Teep or Push Kick

How To Control Distance With the Inverted Teep

Distance is the great enabler and disabler of technique.

However, distance is a tricky beast to tame. You’re more than likely to meet an opponent whose manipulation of distance is subtle. They manage to move in just when you’re thinking of pushing them out, they evade just before your strike would connect, or they end up taking an angle on you when you’re busy defending another attack of theirs.

Makes distance seem an elusive figure, but, good news, it ain’t. An opponent is able to make a move on you because they’re able to divert your attention. That is the nature of setups, combination punches, feints, etc. You can only see what you pay attention to. So here’s a technique that doesn’t compromise your posture nor focus your attention elsewhere but on the opponent.

The Inverted Teep or Push Kick

Control of distance should mean that you have the ability to manipulate it at will and not merely maintain it. The ability to maintain distance is one thing, but covering distance, whether it’s moving in or out, is a different beast. It’s not just elusive, but one misstep can spell a swift demise of your own.

That’s why we’ve given you a nice probing technique to test the waters with: the teep. However, the below video is about you manipulating your opponent’s reaction to the teep in order to land a nice…extra crispy elbow.

Fake Teep to Elbow | Controlling and Covering Distance

Having more probing techniques is never a bad idea. Boxers have several different variations of jabs, so why shouldn’t Nak Muays have different variations of teeps? You may already know some yourself, but, on the off chance that you don’t, this will do you some good. Plus, it’s Samart Payakaroon analyzed by Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown:

Samart Payakaroon: The “Thai Side-Kick”

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