There are a lot of benefits to using a free standing heavy bag for the average nak muay. Let’s explore just a handful of those advantages. . .


Hitting a heavy bag may look like you’ll only be working out your fists, arms, and shoulders, but if you use it right, you can actually get a good whole body workout out of it.

The typical heavy bag people know about is the one that hangs from the ceiling, but there is another kind that you might want to give a try. Here are some health benefits you can reap from using a free standing punching bags:

#1: Does Not Strain Your Fists or Legs

Free standing punching bags are generally less heavy than hanging punching bags, although either can be filled with sand or water. The former has less resistance than the latter. Because it’s free standing, this means it’s free to move across the floor when you punch or kick hard enough, which is why you should place it where there are fewer chances of slipping.

The less resistance it provides means your fists or legs won’t strain as hard as it would when you use hanging punching bags. You don’t need to exert much effort to land a hard punch on the bag. It’s also great for muscle development or for when you’re training Muay Thai. Just remember to avoid the common mistakes when using heavy bags, whether they’re free standing or hanging.

#2: Great For Kicking Workouts

Free standing punching bags are great for adding strength to your kicking power. If you want to practice higher kicks, then a hanging punching bag is better since its top can reach higher over your head. But if you prefer to focus on leg power, then a free standing bag can do fine.

There will also be less swinging from a free standing punching bag, as it’s mostly stationary and won’t move around a lot. Your kicks can be more calculated because you won’t have to worry about the slight swinging, which can cause your aim and force to be a little bit off. Plus, you’re not at risk of hurting yourself since it won’t swing back too hard as your leg kicks.

#3: Good for Aerobic Fitness

If you want a light cardio workout or aerobic fitness training, a free standing punching bag is perfect. It’s heavy enough to make you exert some effort and power to your kicks and punches, but it also has less resistance, which means it won’t strain you as much as a hanging punching bag would.

You’ll be able to give out some heavy kicks and punches comfortably. You can also try practicing on hitting focus points. You’ll be able to hit the same areas, which can be good for repetitive workouts because there is less movement than a swinging hanging bag.

#4: Improves Your Circulation

When using a free standing punching bag in an aerobic workout, your heart and lungs work hard to supply the right amount of blood and air to your body to keep up with your training. Unlike ordinary walking as an exercise, the heart pumps more blood to the muscles you use during an aerobic workout, and your lungs give you more air than usual. Regularly doing this will strengthen those organs, which means it increases your endurance and stamina.

#5: Helps You Lose Weight

Daily workouts on the free standing punching bag can help in your weight loss goals. Since it’s not necessarily for upper body training only, you can also use it for working out your lower body. Using your whole body, punching it, as well as kicking and doing some footwork around the bag can help work out your muscles and cut out some fat.

The resistance it provides helps tone your muscles. It removes visceral fat and leaves you with lean and firm muscles. It also increases your metabolic rate, which means you’ll be able to burn calories faster than you used to. Losing the visceral fat, as well as a faster metabolic rate will help reduce the risk of certain diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

#6: Relieves Stress

Naturally, all workouts help relieve some stress by increasing the release of dopamine. So, having a few rounds with a free standing punching bag can help ease your everyday stress, too. If you feel your anger rising or you’ve just had an encounter with the most annoying person in the world, punch the bag. Don’t take your feelings out on a person. It’s more beneficial to hit the bag than hurt someone.

Final Thoughts

Free standing punching bags are for you if you want a heavy bag that doesn’t require too much space. Since you can move it around or store it away, you won’t need a permanent place for it. You also won’t need to worry about installing it because you can put it wherever you like.


Workouts For Muay Thai / Sean “Muay Thai Guy” Fagan


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