The Fastest Kicker in Muay Thai History

Sam-A Gaiyanghadao: My Life as a Fighter

When a 9-year-old is rolling on the ground crying, what do you think they’re asking for? A good guess would be a toy or some candy. But not Sam-A. Sam-A was rolling and crying on the ground so he could get his parents to agree to his first ever Muay Thai fight.

Sam-A, at the age of 9, had 0 training. The only thing he knew about Muay Thai was that he wanted to do it.

Sam-A got into the ring, frightened about what he had gotten himself into. He was in another world, now. However, he simply bit down on his mouthpiece and swung for the fences. His bravery paid. He won the fight.

His parents, though hesitant, decided to put him through training. They were farmers, so they knew how difficult it was to make a living and save up enough to retire. Sam-A used their belief to fuel himself. Each day he came home, he would train and train and train.

Eventually, Sam-A would go on to win his first Lumpinee belt at age 19. Happy ending? Not quite. Sam-A soon realized that the shares the gym took of his earnings were more than his actual earnings. After 10 years of Muay Thai, Sam-A quit and became a construction worker.

It seemed like the end of Muay Thai for Sam-A. Seemed. One of Sam-A’s former trainers found him and pulled him back into the fray. Sam-A would go on to win championship after championship. He even was able to meet his future wife through Muay Thai.

Even with all the training in the world, life gave Sam-A many odd turns. However, in the end, everything happened for the best. Sam-A is no stranger to the madness of life, and as an instructor at Evolve MMA, he can be the calm that guides you through the storm.

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