The “Bounce” Head Kick Setup from Southpaw

Southpaw Hand Trap to Land a Head Kick

If Uriah Hall can set up a spinning hook kick KO off a jab, we should be able to do the same with roundhouse kicks.

This technique is about the same as a rainbow kick, which we’ve seen Bang Muay Thai fighters use with great success. It begins, as most combinations do, with the jab. The jab is our ultimate probing tool. It is our thermometer that measures when our opponent is going to explode at us.

However, the jab is also a brilliant lead up to hand traps. We’ve seen in UFC 205 how effective simply sticking out your arm can be. Conor McGregor was constantly measuring with his lead and rear hand. He was also, however, utilizing hand fighting. When you control your opponent’s hand, you can control their feet by pushing them around.

If you are able to push or pull your opponent’s guard out of the way when they least expect it (like after jabbing), you can easily remove your opponent’s guard and leverage them into a head kick as shown below in greater detail:

The “Bounce” Head Kick Setup from Southpaw

Head kicks are the home run, the slam dunk, the whatever you can think of; therefore, anyone would love to look back on their career and see a glorious head kick knockout on their fighting résumé. The lessons are out there. We just provided one set up for the head kick in the above video, but we’re going to give you another one in the below video.

May you land a sweet, sweet head kick the next time you step into the ring or cage.

Unique Southpaw Head Kick Setup For Muay Thai

With all this talk of head kicks, why don’t we look at a clash of two styles which are both known for kicks? This isn’t about style versus style; this is about which technique does what. How do both kicking techniques differ? What are their drawbacks and strengths? Let’s find out in the Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdown below:

7th Degree Taekwondo Blackbelt vs. Muay Thai Champion

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