THANUPET’S Spinning Elbow KO

Hand Trap To Brutal Spinning Elbow Finish

Everyone wants a flashy finish on their highlight reel. The problem is that these flashy techniques are difficult to pull off.

Why? Because they’re slow and have obvious load ups. Spinning attacks, for example, often cannot be thrown from a regular stance. You must move into a side stance or else your body won’t twist over. We therefore require a strong setup in order to land flashy techniques.

The slower the technique is, the stronger the setup must be. You want to keep your opponent blind or helpless for as long as possible, and this is exactly what Thanupet did in his spinning elbow KO over Kangkaodang (whom I will call KKD for ease). Check out the Evolve MMA video, then I will break down Thanupet’s setup below:



Destroy Balance To Expose Opponents

Thanupet engages the clinch by stepping forward with his rear leg, putting him in southpaw. His hands are up, ready to defend any punches that would deter his advance. Luckily, KKD is all defense with both arms and one knee raised to halt Thanupet’s advances. Thanupet expected this and thus placed his hands on the outside of KKD’s, giving him much stronger leverage.

From here, Thanupet jerks KKD’s left arm down with a hand trap, leaving his left side completely exposed. Thanupet used the momentum from his hand trap to swing into a spinning elbow which he knew KKD could not avoid because KKD’s balance was completely compromised – he was standing on one leg and had been pulled by the hand trap.

The elbow lands hard and out goes KKD.

Methods change but principles do not. Whether you’re trying to finish with a basic left hook or a spinning elbow, you can rely on the basic principle of destroying balance. By doing so, you make your opponent completely helpless. If you can off-balance your opponent, you can eliminate them as threats by perhaps landing a flashy finish to slap onto that highlight reel? Sounds good to me.

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