Thailand Training Camp: What’s Your Motivation?

Find the Drive for the Pilgrimage to Thailand, the Heart of Muay Thai

Everyone who trains Muay Thai wants to go to Thailand—but not everyone may have the resources or plan.

That changes now.

There are plenty of motivational tales of people giving up everything they have to pursue their dream. You may hear a story of aspiring chefs flying across the world to study culinary arts in France, or Nak Muays leaving their homes to move to Thailand. These motivational tales are plenty inspiring, but it’s not the only way to experience Thailand and Muay Thai in all of its beauty.

We’ll get into that shortly. First, you need to know your WHY. Let’s find that out by seeing why these campers made the trip to Thailand, to follow the dream:

What Motivated You to Take Part in the Thailand Training Camp?

13925582_1064488743588039_4463248222024771899_oThe Thailand Training Camp is a once in a lifetime experience. All Nak Muays dream of training in the outdoors and resting under coconut trees, sipping on some…well, coconuts. It’s the opportunity to watch legends like Saenchai or Buakaw fight, and perhaps even to meet them in person for a seminar, or maybe even to spar with them.

You will never be taken closer to greatness than this. How many people get a chance to stand in Lumpinee and absorb the wild fights and one of a kind fight atmosphere? How many people in the world can say that they’ve watched Saenchai fight?

If you want to be one who can experience Thailand and Muay Thai to its fullest, to go to Lumpinee, to watch legends like Saenchai fight, then you need to take the trip to Thailand.

But I know what you’re thinking. How could you give up what have now like the aspiring chefs going to France? Simple. You don’t have to.

Flying to the other side of the world is a daunting task. However, with Thailand Training Camp, it’s never been easier to make the pilgrimage into the heart of Muay Thai for a time you’ll never forget.

Take the dive into the experience of a lifetime. For upcoming dates of Thailand Training Camp, go to


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