Thailand Training Camp: Week 2 Update

The Muay Thai Guys Podcast – Episode 42

muay thai training camp in thailand nak muay nation khongsitthaTraining has been absolutely grueling at this Nak Muay Nation Training Camp at Khongsittha Gym.

Paul and I have been working extremely hard every single day and are excited to test ourselves in the ring in the near future. But the best thing about this camp so far is training alongside a number of other driven nak muay who are some of the most dedicated and disciplined people we’ve ever met.

In fact, these NMN campers are playing a HUGE role in making us better nak muay due to their insane work ethic and drive. We talk about what training has been like so far with this incredible group of people in the most recent podcast… check it out below!

Click To Listen ===> Thailand Training Camp: Week 2 Update

Here’s a brief rundown of what we talk about:

  • The training routine that we’ve been doing on a daily basis.
  • Our personal experiences and thoughts about the first week of training camp.
  • How the Nak Muay Nation campers have had a major influence on how hard we’ve pushed ourselves in our training.
  • How complacency can ruin a great fighter.
  • Why we think the nak muay at the camp have bright futures ahead of them.
  • The incredible stories of a few nak muay who stopped their lives to make it to this training camp.
  • How our bodies are killing us, but how we are able to continue pushing through.
  • And much MUCH more.

Click To Listen ===> Thailand Training Camp: Week 2 Update

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