Thailand Training Camp: The Team Environment

The Importance Of Training Partners and A Team Atmosphere

Fighting is a solo sport. Is it?

You step into the ring alone, that much is true. However, the you that steps into the ring is the culmination of the hours your coaches, trainers, training partners, family, friends, etc. have spent building you.

If you’ve ever trained alone and at a gym, you know how the leap feels from having no training partners to having a strong team at your back. The energy of having a training partner will elevate you, and your training partner’s own energy will elevate you. The gym is, after all, your ultimate support structure.

As fighters, we throw ourselves willingly into storms. In order to endure such maelstroms, the support of friends, teams, and coaches is more important than ever. As William Penn wrote, “those buildings had need of a good foundation, that lie so much exposed to weather.”

In fighting, storms and winds come with the territory. That is why that we, as ones who bare ourselves to harsh weathers, require strong foundations:

The training environment and, more importantly, the team environment of Khongsittha is unlike anything you will experience. There is a bond found when people push each other through hardship. This bond, through the blood, sweat, and tears of training, creates a family.

A family isn’t just a group who can push together, they are a team who can laugh together and are as interested in raising each other up as they are in raising themselves.

The family you’ll find at Khongsittha is one of the greatest things about Thailand Training Camp, but it is one of many great things. Besides laughing together with your brothers and sisters in arms, you get to meet your heroes.

Thailand Training Camp is a chance to shake hands and perhaps even to exchange them with the legends and greatest fighters of the Muay Thai world. It is the opportunity to meet the likes of Saenchai or Buakaw, and it is also the opportunity to meet life-long friends. What’s not to like?

Take the dive into the experience of a lifetime. For upcoming dates of Thailand Training Camp, go to

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