Thailand Training Camp: The Sacrifice To Chase A Dream

How One Camper Sacrificed a Job and Relationship To Train in Thailand

“No sacrifice, no victory.”

When fears and challenges come our way, the instinct of many is to turn and run the other way. However, as I’ve heard said, “every time we choose safety, we reinforce fear.” All of us know what will happen if we never face our fears and challenges. But we still manage to come up with excuses.

Your brain is that tricky roadblock getting in the way of what is uncomfortable but will improve you. We’ve all, I’m sure, had experiences where we’ve overcome a fear or challenge. However, it still remains difficult to make the big choices. Perhaps you wanted to quit during a challenging workout but pushed through anyway. Perhaps you were too shy to talk to a special someone but sucked it up and approached anyways.

Anyone who’s climbed over an obstacle knows how much more beautiful it is on the other side. Sometimes chasing what you want and chasing what will improve you as a person is difficult. But nonetheless, without stepping out of our comfort zone, can we hope to see the world?

In the below video, you will see the fruits of sacrifice:

Flying halfway across the world to train Muay Thai in Thailand is the dream. However, it can also be the nightmare.

How do I plan it? When should I go? Which gym accepts foreigners? But I don’t speak Thai.

Drop the questions and the doubts. The only question that matters is…do you eat, sleep, and breathe Muay Thai? You know what your answer is.

The beauty of Thailand Training Camp is that everything is taken care of for you. Answering “yes” to the above question is all that mattered. Now, are you prepared for an opportunity to train with the amazing trainers of Khongsittha, spar with legends like Saenchai, meet superstars like Buakaw? You know what your answer is.

Take the dive into the experience of a lifetime. For upcoming dates of Thailand Training Camp, go to

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