THAILAND Training Camp: Leah’s Two Weeks

Leah Reflects On The Beauty & Challenge of Thailand

There is more to Thailand Training Camp than just the country or the work.

Thailand Training Camp is the complete experience. You will be training with world-class Krus, multiple times a day. Each Kru has mastered a specific skill, and you can sharpen all of your 8 limbs with each one.

In the evening, when you’re done with training, there will be, at least once a week, an event all campers can attend. Most often than not, this will be a fight night.

Besides Muay Thai, you will also experience the culture of Thailand by visiting ancient ruins. You will feast on Thai cuisine. And above all, you will meet the most amazing, like-minded people.

In the video below, Leah talks about the training with the Krus, the team environment, her biggest takeaways and her advice for those who’re looking to join Thailand Training Camp and train at Khongsittha Gym.

The training in Khongsittha will be hard. You will love that, I am sure.

However, even the most disciplined athletes will need to summon extra willpower to pull themselves out of their bed and into a gym where people hit one another. That is why the team atmosphere is so important.

There’s no quicker way to bond than through training. Every camper will be there to support you when you find it difficult to summon that willpower. The discipline of those around you will raise you up and make you want to push yourself harder. That is the beauty of Thailand Training Camp.

Like Leah said, you’ll want to experience Thailand Training Camp for as long as you can. Because, after all, there is more to it than simply Thailand or training.

It is the complete experience.

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