Thailand Training Camp: Culture, Activities and Tradition

The Experiences of Thailand

Thailand Training Camp is more than just a training camp. Thailand Training Camp is the entire Thailand experience.

The training will simply be a portion of your experience of Thailand, and the memories you will create extend far beyond just the gyms of Khongsittha. If you are one who’s worried about your experience level being a bit behind for Thailand and Thai training intensities, fear not. Khongsittha gym accommodates to all levels of training, novice or expert, amateur or professional. With Thailand Training Camp will come training that will build you no matter your level of expertise or experience in the sport of Muay Thai.

But like I said…training will simply be a portion of your Thailand experience. The rest…well, better shown than told:

Thailand Training Camp is the chance to make dreams come true. Want to train with top level Muay Thai trainers? Done deal. Want to visit the legendary Lumpinee and Rajadamnern stadium? You will. Opportunites to meet Muay Thai legends like Saenchai? Absolutely. The chance to bump into Muay Thai superstars like Buakaw? Obviously.

I personally bumped into Saenchai in the bathroom of Rajadamnern stadium. I didn’t say anything because it would have been creepy…and I don’t speak Thai. Oh, you don’t speak Thai either? No problem. There are plenty of folks at Khongsittha gym that speak fluent Thai and English and will be guiding you about the streets of Bangkok.

Thailand Training Camp also moves away from Muay Thai and explores the culture of Thailand, as you saw in the video above. However, though there are plenty of great dream-come-true moments, the little moments you spend over dinner with fellow campers will be your most memorable experiences of all. If you want to make dreams come true, if you want to make memories that’ll last you a lifetime, Thailand Training Camp is it.

Take the dive into the experience of a lifetime. For upcoming dates of Thailand Training Camp, go to

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