Thailand Training Camp: A Typical Day at Thailand Training Camp

A Day in the Life of Thailand Training Camp

You don’t need millions of dollars, a yacht, nor a private jet to live a full life. No, sir or ma’am. You just need one day.

The beauty of combat sports is like that of surfing. When you’re training or fighting, you’re flowing. The best indicator of time well spent is time flown by. When you think neither about past nor future, that’s when you know you’re living.

This way of living will be your life in Thailand Training Camp. If you want a real look at the life you shall be living, take a peek into Khongsittha Gym below:

There is lots of training, indeed. However, Thailand Training Camp is more than just about the training. There are experiences you will have during your stay here than you will have anywhere else in the world. The absence of time in training is already one thing, but what if time was absent just as often outside of training? Flow comes not just during training but out of it? That’s indeed the promise.

Each day at Thailand Training Camp is packed full of training, but there will be an endless amount of fun to be had for that hard work. There are fights to see and legends to meet. The grandness of Lumpinee and Rajadamnern stadium cannot be truly appreciated unless you are immersed within its atmosphere.

But, chances are, your favorite memories of Thailand Training Camp will not be of when you met Saenchai or Buakaw. Your favorite memories will be of those spent with your fellow campers. Train by day, chill with friends by night.

There is no better vacation than one spent in the glory of the heart of Muay Thai, and there will be no days so full as those spent at Thailand Training Camp. Whether you’re here for a two weeks or two months, trust me, all you need is one day.

Take the dive into the experience of a lifetime. For upcoming dates of Thailand Training Camp, go to

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