Thailand Prison Fights, Muay Thai at MSG and Lion Fight Title Talk

The Muay Thai Guys Podcast – Episode 72

Sometimes you just gotta hit record and just talk Muay Thai – and that’s exactly what Paul and I did in the most recent podcast episode. With so much going on in the Muay Thai scene it’s easy to find things to talk about, such as:

ognjen topic vs. tum sitydtong at msg muay thai

Ognjen Topic going for a sweep against Tum SItyodtong at MSG. Photo by @Walt_Zink_Photography

  • The ‘Thailand Prison Fights’ and the controversy surrounding the recently released documentary (seen below).
  • How Muay Thai plays such a major role in the culture and society of Thailand.
  • The craziness of being the foreigner fighter who steps in the ring with a murderer who has a chance to win his freedom.
  • The comparison of how Muay Thai fighters are modern day gladiators.
  • Why Thai kids fight and why western culture has trouble wrapping their heads around it.
  • How people call us by our “alter egos” and still can’t spell or pronounce our names right.
  • The fights at Madison Square Garden and what it’s like fighting at the worlds most famous arena.
  • A quick recap of the main event between Tum Sityodtong and Ognjen Topic.
  • Becoming the victim and how it leads directly to failure and underachievement
  • How Joe Rogan’s “Become your own hero” video/speech is so powerful.
  • Paul’s upcoming title fight at Lion Fight Promotions.
  • And much, much more!

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