Thailand Muay Thai Video Blog #’s 2 – 4

What’s up! So life here in Thailand has been pretty sweet so far and it’s been awesome getting back into a flow of training. Liz and I are really enjoying the people we train with and are getting a better feel for the area, although it still does get annoying being asked for massages, tuk-tuks and suits every 5 seconds.¬†Anyway, here are some more videos from my Thailand Muay Thai video blog documenting my stay here in Patong.

Thailand Vlog #2 – Nitah Muay Thai, Patong

Today was my 3rd day in a row of two-a-days at Nitah Muay Thai in Patong and I don’t feel as crappy as I thought I would. It’s been great getting back into a flow of training and I’m starting to enjoy the grind!

Pad Work Session With My Trainer Nun at Nitah Muay Thai

My Muay Thai trainer Nun and I are starting to flow better during out pad work sessions. I’ve been really enjoying the training at Nitah Muay Thai in Patong, Phuket, Thailand and can’t wait to step back into the ring and fight again!

Thailand Muay Thai Vlog #3 – Patong Boxing Stadium Fights

We went to the Muay Thai fights at Patong Boxing Stadium last night to watch our trainer Dam from Nitah Muay Thai throw down. It was a fun night of fights, and then after we walked home through a gay alley which was a whole other experience in itself. I also added some highlights of fights, enjoy!

Future plans for videos

I have plenty of ideas for more video blogs thanks to the fans shooting me their ideas every time I post. Here are some of the future videos I plan on making:

  • How I use a foam roller for a warmup and cool down to loosen up by body and help with soreness.
  • The stretching routine I do after my workouts to loosen up my hips and other parts of my body.
  • Kicking drills on the heavy bag and thai pads.
  • A walkthrough of Nitah Muay Thai along with videos of the trainers hitting/holding pads.
  • How I wrap my hands for training.
  • Training videos including clinching, technique sparring, alternating 50 kicks, bag work, and more.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for future video blogs just leave a comment below and I’ll see what I can do!

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