TEEP Timing Drill To Beat Punchers

Keep Punchers At Bay With Proper Teep Timing

Sean “Muay Thai Guy” Fagan on the pad end of a teep.

The teep solves all problems. Got a door needs kicking down? Teep it. Got zombies at your doorstep? Teep ’em. Got a puncher trying to get in your face? Teep him.

The beauty of the teep is its versatility, which can be further illustrated by the fact that it is both an offensive weapon and a defensive shield.

Time it improperly, though, and that door will be the one kicking you down, those zombies will be pulling you forward, and that puncher will be drilling a hole through your pretty face. It’s a tricky situation. Teep too early and you may get pulled forward; teep too late and you may get jammed and thrown onto you butt.

The timing is critical. Nail the timing and remained untouched.

Use It Or Lose It

Given its immense versatility, you may not be exploiting it fully. Pushing an opponent away is just one part of the equation; consider where you’re pushing him.

If it’s a street fight, there may be a nifty little wall that you can slam the assailant’s back into with a simple push. If it’s a professional fight, there may be a corner or two (or four if you’re in a ring) to trap the opponent in. It’s there you get a chance to go to town with strikes and melt your opponent’s face as if he just opened the Ark of the Covenant.

Next time you’re in a sticky situation please consider teeping your way out of it, as demonstrated by USMTA champ Chris Clodfelter of Eight Points Muay Thai.

Muay Thai Teep Drill | How To Counter Aggressive Punchers

Alternative Teeping

If I’m not credible enough, take it from Samart Payakaroon. He is the greatest… of all time? Of the past, present… or future? Well, that remains to be seen. Point being, if you don’t trust the teep as much as you should, maybe go for a slightly different flavor: the side teep.

Here’s a breakdown of Samart Payakaroon’s use of it by Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns:

Samart Payakaroon: The “Thai Side-Kick”


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