Teep Catch to Jumping Knee

Catch The Teep & Destroy The Body

We’ve all seen what happens when Buakaw catches a kick.

To be like Buakaw, you must destroy balance. When you have destroyed your opponent’s balance, their hands drop immediately to stabilize themselves. Peter Aerts was a master of this.

When Peter Aerts fought Jean-Claude Leuyer, he entered the clinch and pushed his opponent away. Jean-Claude was off-balance and because he was off-balance, he dropped his hands to find it.

This presented the perfect opportunity for Aerts. Jean-Claude’s hands were dropped, so he’d be slow to defend; plus, he was stumbling backwards, making it impossible to get his footing before the head kick lands.

Today, we’re going to learn how to catch the teep and how to destroy the body with a counter. Remember, as long as you can destroy your opponent’s balance, whether it’s a simple left hook or a slamming head kick, you can land it all:

Fighting & Balance

We’ve learned how to counter the teep. Now we will learn how to defend another one of the most frequently utilized kicks.

You will be taught how to transition smoothly from defense to offense. What’s the key to that? Balance.

Movement is balance. Without balance, there is no movement. Each time you find yourself jammed up or moving slow, check your balance.

With that in mind, let’s move from checking balance to checking kicks:

How To Check Leg Kicks In Muay Thai and Kickboxing

Namkabuan & Ring Craft

This is a man who knew what to do with caught kicks.

Namkabuan is a legend from the Golden Era of Muay Thai. He pioneered a technique known as “plowing.” He’d catch a kick and run his opponent’s to the ropes where he’d decimate them. In fact, he was so good at this that they banned plowing from Muay Thai.

If that isn’t enough, Namkabuan was forced to retire because no one wanted to fight him. However, all of us, of course, want to fight like him. Let’s learn how, through the brilliant analysis of Lawrence Kenshin:

The Master of Aggressive Ring Craft


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