spencer grekoski vs omar estevez take on muay thai

Take On XXIV Preview: Spencer Grekoski vs. Omar Estevez

Spencer Grekoski of Weapons 9 will be facing Omar Estevez of Sitan NY at Take On XXIV on December 13th. 2013. Brother of Joel Estevez, Omar has heavy leg and body kicks and is especially strong in the clinch. In his fight against Julio Pena in 2011, Estevez stopped Pena in the 3rd round via an inside leg kick after chopping Pena’s leg throughout the first two rounds. Estevez never stopped moving forward against Pena – using a strong guard to deflect any of Pena’s punches along with front/back teeps to take the wind out of his opponent.

I saw Omar Estevez (Sitan Gym) take on Chris Mauceri at the Warriors Cup XIII on December 3rd, 2011 in full rules muay thai. Estevez looked very comfortable in the clinch and used chopping and downward elbows effectively. Mauceri was getting the better of the exchanges from the outside, but Estevez was relentless in initiating the clinch and transitioning from elbows to knees to dumps. Estevez won by UD. Estevez may also have the edge on Grekoski in the clinch and should look to tie Spencer up.

Here is Estevez in action in 2010 against Chris White (Five Points)

Spencer Grekoski (14-6, Weapons 9) will be returning to Take On after spending an extended period in Thailand and training at the Sitmonchai gym. Grekoski is tall for the weight class and throws quick, cracking combinations. He is coming off a three fight losing streak (albeit against all stadium fighter Thais), so he will be hungry to get his hand raised at the Resort World Casino. Check out Grekoski against Ankur Matthew at the Warriors Cup in September 2012. Grekoski was winning the fight until it was declared a no-contest due to Matthew’s illegal head kick.

Final Thoughts

Grekoski probably has the edge on the outside – look for him to teep and circle away from the ropes against Estevez.

Grekoski had the following to say about his upcoming fight with Omar: “Omar is a great fighter. He’s solid and wants to walk you down. I just gotta pick my shots and take openings when he makes mistakes. I’m just getting back from being in Thailand for close to 4 and a half months a week before the fight, so my style has completely changed since I left. I am sure the fight will be entertaining and a great one for fans to see.”

Pick your winner here and leave a comment with your thoughts on the fight.

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