Take On XXIV Fight Card

phoenix sean commentatintTake-On XXIV fight card is out and looking very strong – it will take place next Friday, December 13th at the Resorts World Casino in Queens… and I’ll be commentating the fights!

Cyrus Washington will be squaring off against Travis Lerchen in the main event – Lerchen is giving up experience (at least in the muay thai ring), but he will have size and will look to use it to his advantage. Very experienced amateurs and newly ordained pros Nick Vaughan and Marc Seno are also on the card. Both fighters are coming off wins (Vaughan over LeGrand and Seno over McCusker) and will look to continue their winning streaks.

Jon Curtis and Stephane Smarth are next in the lightweight division – both very strong fighters, yet vastly different styles with Curtis bringing aggression and Smarth displaying poise. Smarth had a very productive 2013 as he picked up a WKA and FNF title with wins against Yuyoung Cho and Randy Fortier. Coming off a win against Georgui Smaguin at Take On XXI, Jason Von Oijen (recently switched camps to Square Circle?) will be defending his title against the heavy handed Ariel Abreu. Von Oijen appears to be the more versatile of the two, yet he will need to be wary of Abreu’s punching power. The main card includes members of he especially strong welterweight division:

Omar Estevez, Spencer Grekowski, Tim Schmeier, Greg Rowe, Joey Hernandez, Rob Lin, and Macho Soto. Coming off a win against Carmel Lovs at War-17 in July, Jess Cavagnaro of Sitan LI will welcome west coast’s Jessica Rico in open arms with full rules muay thai. Joel Estevez seeks to preserve his undefeated record against 5 points’ Cornell Ward, who KO’ed Srijan Munier with a head kick off a sweep at Warriors Cup XVIII

Main Card
Cyrus Washington (55-26) Sitan NY v. Travis Reider (15-3) Thorton MT CT
Nick Vaughan (1-0, 12-0) The Wat v. Marc Seno (1-1; 5-3) Weapons 9
Jon Curtis (6-4) Weapons 9 V. Stephane Smarth (9-1) C3 Athletics CT
Jason Von Oijen (7-0-1) Square Circle NYC v. Ariel Abreu (7-1) Camp Undefeated – 185 lb. Take On Title
Jess Cavagnaro (Sitan Gym LI) v. Jessica Rico (5-4) Saeksan Muay Thai CA – Full Rules
Kit Fung (5-3) Queens MMA v. Levi Christobal (3-5) TKMT Canada
Omar Estevez 9-6 (Sitan Gym NY) v. Spencer Grekowski 12-5 (Weapons 9) – Full Rules
Tim Schmeier 15-6 (Sitan Gym NY) v. Greg Rowe 16-4 (5 Points Academy NY) – Full Rules
Joey “The Bronx Tale” Hernandez 9-4 (Mushin NY) v. Rob Lin 5-3 (The Wat NY) – Full Rules
Amin Amelik (15-3) Warrior Muay Thai CA v. John Nofer (15-6) Sitan Gym PA – Full Rules
Joel Estevez (6-0) Sitan Gym NY v. Cornell Ward (5-2) 5 Points NYC – Full Rules
Carlos Nunez (5-3) UFC Gym CT v. Carlos Madariaga (8-4) Sitan Gym NY– Full Rules

Under Card
Ian Clark 0-1 (Sitan Gym PA) v. Marlon Wiprud 0-0 (Class One MMA)
Macho Soto 1-2 (Burke’s Muay Thai NJ) v. Yorrick Andersen 1-0 (Class One MMA)
Adam Amro 1-1 (Ardon’s Sweet Science) v. Roosevelt Valdez 2-3 (Sitan Gym PA)
Angelica Ferguson 1-2 (5 Points NYC) v. Venus Smith 2-0 (Workshop Muay Thai)
Antune Tchersak (2-0) UFC Gym CT v. Nick Grant (3-0) The Wat NYC
Nick Scorsone –Wellington Muay Thai NJ v. Mohamed Saidi – Camp Undefeated NYC
Ratta Matintharugsun – Andrreocci Muay Thai v. John Pina – Class One MMA BK

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